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Oxford Economics’ Tech Spend Monitor provides the most reliable forecasts on enterprise IT spending for all 63 NAICS private sectors in the United States. Our user-friendly databank, comprehensive quarterly reports, scenario forecasts and event-driven commentary and webinars provide you with the essential market intelligence needed to navigate the constantly evolving landscape.

About the Tech Spend Monitor

Enterprise IT spending forecasts

Full support from a global team of 300+ macro-economic and industry economists

Indepth analysis

Quarterly report summarising forecast highlights and insights

Scenario forecasts

Scenario forecasts demonstrating how enterprise IT spending could change under several economic and related scenarios.

Full economist support

Full support from a global team of 300+ macro-economic and industry economists

Why Oxford Economics?

By anchoring your strategy with Oxford Economics' insights, you can navigate the volatile, ever-evolving tech landscape with confidence and plug in your business for lasting success.

Superior reliability

As the sole firm employing National Income and Product Accounts (NIPA)-based statistics for forecasting, we ensure greater consistency and quality of our data while covering a wider range of industries.

Up-to-date forecasts

We provide the latest forecasts based on updated data every quarter, allowing you to plan effectively in an ever-changing landscape.

Scenario capabilities

We stand out as one of the few firms offering scenario forecasts for IT spending. This unique approach enables our clients to better understand potential risks and how IT spending could react under various economic scenarios.

Reliable modelling framework

Our forecasts are generated using a rigorously tested and integrated suite of global models, ensuring reliability and accounting for macroeconomic factors such as business cycles, supply chain bottlenecks and more.

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Tech Spend Monitor

Oxford Economics’ Tech Spend Monitor, provides forecasts on enterprise IT spending for all 63 NAICS private sectors in the United States

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“Working with the team is a real pleasure. I felt they were just as committed to the project as I was, both in terms of meeting the due dates and also delivering quality, well-written content. They were very communicative with the regular updates on process. Our survey was conducted at the height of the pandemic and the team proactively suggested adding new questions to address what was going on at that moment and delivering an intermediary report very quickly.”

Laurie Hawkins, Senior Director of Global Marketing

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