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Oxford Economics offers a wide range of data solutions such as APIs and data feeds that allow for various levels of IT integration and automation.

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Our data

Get a comprehensive view of socio and macroeconomic data, trends, and forecasts allowing you to gain the knowledge you need to make choices. With 70 years of data and extensive coverage with access to hundreds of indicators for over 200 countries, our database covers key areas of the economy including GDP & domestic demand, price & wages, labor market , trade & balance of payments, financial indicators, socioeconomic and population.

Our solutions

Databank API

Databank API allows for a seamless background integration of your analytical solutions with data provided by databank. As a result, this integration cuts the manual effort required to pull the data and enables the implementation of a streamlined analytical process.

This service is applicable for global economics, global industry and the rest of the databanks in Version 1 of data workstation.

  • Allows for retrieval of saved selections under account in databank web platform
  • Allows for the creation of specific selection from databank through indication of parameters in the body of HTTP request
  • Can also retrieve the entire databank (the request has to be divided by pages)
Databank data feed

Data feed service distributes databank data automatically, sending an updated dataset every time the databank is updated. This enables our clients to stay up to date with the data they are interested in, cutting the time and effort tracking the updates and retrieving the data manually.

  • Databank pushes the data through FTP/SFTP server and can send an email with a download link
  • Data is pushed every time the databank is updated
  • The client can either build a saved selection in the databank to push or chose an entire databank to be pushed
  • Files are pushed in format .csv or .xlsx
Models API

This API service, similarly to databank API, allows for background integration of model data with analytics on the client’s end. As a benefit, clients can streamline their analytics and cut on manual effort with data retrieval and manipulation.

  • Retrieving model results through API
  • Provides model values and associated date periods
  • A handy tool to use in conjunction with models web interface
Report feeds

This service delivers clients our reports based on their content subscription. As a result, clients receive automatically the reports they are interested in, once the content is published by economists.

  • Automated report distribution service
  • Reports are sent to FTP/SFTP server whenever they are published to the My Oxford platform
  • Delivery consists of a .zip file, with reports being in .pdf format


1 out of 12

“Working with the team is a real pleasure. I felt they were just as committed to the project as I was, both in terms of meeting the due dates and also delivering quality, well-written content. They were very communicative with the regular updates on process. Our survey was conducted at the height of the pandemic and the team proactively suggested adding new questions to address what was going on at that moment and delivering an intermediary report very quickly.”

Laurie Hawkins, Senior Director of Global Marketing

2 out of 12

“Oxford Economics is synonymous with high-quality macroeconomic research. A compelling reason for us to subscribe to the new Real Estate Economic Forecasting Service.”

Andreas Trumpp, Head of Research

3 out of 12

“The Oxford Economics team were great partners for our research project. They didn’t just deliver high quality work against a complex brief and to tight deadlines, they also brought strategic advice and guidance to enhance and improve the final product.”

Mark O’Mahoney, Senior Communications Manager

4 out of 12

“The Oxford Economics team carried out our macroeconomic port trade forecast out to 2050. The team was highly capable, worked with us closely, took on board feedback from internal and external stakeholders and we are very confident in the product. The Oxford Economics brand carries credibility in the market.”

Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive

5 out of 12

“We have been working in partnership with Oxford Economics since 2016, drawing on their economic expertise in delivering our quarterly ICAEW Business Confidence Monitor findings. Over time we have formed a close working relationship, with Oxford Economics providing us with excellent customer service and prompt but still considered responses under tight deadlines.”

Svetlana Dimitrijevic, Senior Insight Manager

6 out of 12

“CMHC’s Stress Testing and ORSA team has started this year using Oxford Economics for the purpose of stress-testing. Our experience has been very positive. The software is sound, intuitive and user friendly. But most of all, it allows the user to understand the links between the variables and for a certain degree of customisation.”

Mirza Arifhodzic, Senior Manager, Stress-Testing and ORSA

7 out of 12

“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

8 out of 12

“Oxford Economics’ econometric models has provided a robust forecasting backbone and innovative approach to forecasting the commercial real estate sector.”

9 out of 12

“The team worked with Oxford Economics on a global analysis of our entire industry, a project which was both sizeable in scope and sizeable in the impact it had on our advocacy and communication programs. The project yielded outstanding analysis of the global reach our industry has around the world, and produced a number of thought leadership pieces and case studies that supported this analysis. We saw impressive media coverage resulting from the study. For this project, the Oxford Economics team proved to be a true partner.”

10 out of 12

“The scope of data availability and ease of access, coupled with an expert team on hand to reference, means Oxford Economics is one of our trusted economic experts.”

11 out of 12

“To our knowledge the most robust, comprehensive, and timely world macroeconomic model is the Oxford Economics model. We tested multiple world models in 2011, Oxford towered above the competition. Bottom line, the Oxford Economics model is a mission-critical tool. Customer support and training is extensive, and the billing process is dramatically less painful compared to our other vendors.”

12 out of 12

“Oxford Economics’ data and forecasts form the backbone of our demand models. The global consistency and granular detail available in their expansive dataset allows us to focus on the variables most relevant to our business.”

Our approach

Actionable economics

Powered by our proprietary models, we translate data into actionable insights, enabling our clients to make better decisions faster.

Global thinkers

We go from global to local, industries to businesses, and theory to practice to position our clients for continuous success.

Innovative approach

We apply innovative research methods and state-of-the-art technologies to meet our clients’ needs in an ever-changing world.

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