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Our economic insights and bespoke forecasts will help you paint a clear picture of the environment – present and future – within which you operate. Our solutions and consulting propositions help you monitor macro events and their potential impact, assess and evaluate economic trends across 200 countries, 7000 cities and urban centres and understand your sectors’ future demands. Our team may help you analyse topics as wide-ranging as demographic shifts, consumer spending trends, the impact of climate change, global trade flows, risks around supply chains and digitalization, to support business planning and development of corporate strategy.

Questions we can help you answer


How do I best navigate this uncertain environment?


Will my markets exist in 5 or 10 years?


Which economic risks is my business most exposed to?


What are the 'Megatrends' that will shape my business over the long term?


How can I forecast revenues more accurately, and maximise profitability?


How do I stay ahead of my rivals and where are my opportunities for growth?

Build a solid foundation for decision-making

Our subscription and consulting services provide you with a complete toolkit to navigate the complexities of business planning and long-term strategy setting. This ranges from economic and sector forecasting, scenario analysis, location attractiveness evaluations, economic due diligence, reporting, and framing of marketing and sales strategy, to understanding FX and sovereign risks and more.

Create business plan forecasts
  • Set expectations for your business strategy using long-term forecasts
  • Use your data to review historical information and understand actual forecast changes
  • Use insights on key macroeconomic drivers such as foreign exchange rates and oil price forecasts to develop your business plans
  • Analyse data on your markets, for demand planning and strategy
  • Inform internal stakeholders about market outlooks
Understand your markets and forecast demand for your products and services
  • Understand your customer demand conditions, as well as factors such as sector competitiveness and credit conditions, to assess the business outlook in a B2B setting
  • Understand demographics, the health of household finances and consumer spending, to assess the business outlook in a B2C setting
  • Use our charts to create presentations for your board or senior management group
  • Automatically feed data into your internal planning models
Inform business decisions and strategic planning
  • Share reports internally to ensure alignment at the global and regional level
  • Input data into internal models to compare the economic forecast against your business’s performance
  • Use our data to feed your reports and analysis to inform internal business units on the mid-term health of the global economy
  • Use our megatrend projections on demographic shifts, climate change, trade and global supply chains, technology and digitalisation on a forward-looking basis to 2050

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“The Oxford Economics team carried out our macroeconomic port trade forecast out to 2050. The team was highly capable, worked with us closely, took on board feedback from internal and external stakeholders and we are very confident in the product. The Oxford Economics brand carries credibility in the market.”

Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive

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