Industry Scenarios

Quantifying the impact of policy changes and other risk events on industrial sectors.

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Oxford Economics’ suite of global macro and industry models enables us to create customised forecasts and scenarios at a granular industry level to help you make better decisions, set strategies, identify opportunities and successfully plan ahead.

Tailored scenario planning and forecasts

Dive deeper into your industry or client sectors by leveraging our suite of macro, industry and city models and the expertise of our economists.

What are the prospects for your key client sectors?

Get granular forecasts for the performance of industrial sectors into which you sell and their likely operational and capital spending.

What is the impact of policy changes?

Evaluate how government policy will affect the prospects and competitiveness of different industries, including impacts through supply chains.

How exposed are you and your clients to recession risks?

Quantify how different economic and political shocks would impact the performance of different industries and who will be winners and losers.

Do you need speakers for your events?

Oxford’s economists speak at many industry events for companies and trade bodies.

Benefits of bespoke industry scenarios

How do custom scenarios help me?

Our models provide a set of tools for rigorous forecasting and “what if” scenario analysis, which we can use to:

  • Compare performance across industrial sectors globally, and identify where to focus your sales effort
  • Consider the risks involved in a new investment
  • Provide evidence to policy makers to inform decisions that affect your industry
  • Provide due diligence in M&A

“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

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Industry Scenarios

Quantifying the impact of policy changes and other risk events on industrial sectors.

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