Climate Change and Sustainability Consulting

Quantifying the impact of global warming and abatement policies on your organisation and its overall environmental footprint.

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What climate change means for your organisation

Changing weather patterns and more frequent natural disasters have made climate mitigation an increasingly urgent policy priority. We help you understand the causes and consequences of global warming on the global economy and your business outlook, and quantify your organisation’s environmental footprint, alongside its economic and social impact.

Business planning and sustainability strategy development

Harness our evidence-based, forward-looking approach to sustainability strategy development and business planning in the face of a changing world. Our experts leverage economic forecasting, sustainability know-how, and world-leading integrated models to help you future-proof your company. We work with you to assess the effects of economic trends, global scenarios, and climate and nature risks, enabling you to efficiently allocate resources and navigate evolving landscapes, ultimately improving your company’s impact and resilience over time.

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Sustainability impact measurement and reporting

We use our Global Sustainability Model (GSM) to quantify your organisation’s impacts across the whole of the supply chain, producing an economic, environmental and social footprint, on a consistent basis with UN Sustainable Development Goals and Greenhouse Gas Protocol metrics. At the same time, we help you navigate the changing landscape of emerging reporting and disclosure standards and mandates. Whether you are focused on ESRS, TCFD, TNFD, ISSB or another sustainability reporting requirement, we work with you to think beyond annual reporting, to understand what the metrics mean in a changing world, and to use economic evidence to help you set and achieve targets and demonstrate your progress.

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Climate stress testing

Climate change creates financial and economic risks. Our experienced economists use the Oxford Economics Global Economic Model to run climate stress tests for financial institutions around the world. We provide transparent and rigorous modelling, with clear and accessible findings. Our experience includes the latest climate stress tests published by the Bank of England, European Central Bank, Monetary Authority of Singapore and Bank of Canada

Be a thought leader on climate change

We help our clients demonstrate leadership in addressing climate change, with in-depth analysis on best practice in sustainability and its implications for supply chain management, workforce practices and technology.

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Climate Change and Sustainability Insights

Access deep knowledge and actionable insights on climate and sustainability risks and opportunities.

The global green economy

The Global Green Economy: Understanding and capturing the opportunity

As each year passes, the climate emergency facing the planet becomes ever more alarming. But this trajectory is increasingly being met by the rapid emergence of new technologies and expertise that are focused on tackling it. As a result, we can now discern the emergence of a future green economy; one that harnesses human ingenuity to protect the planet’s future.  

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Sustainability Management Advisory Platform

Unlock sustainability insights to support your business

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Global Sustainability Model

Accurately measure your organisation's global footprint through economic, environmental and social lenses, identify risks and develop strategies to become more sustainable.

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Country Climate Analysis

Assess the impact climate change will have on all facets of your business. Now and in the future.

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City Climate Analysis

In-depth insights into the economic impacts of climate change and mitigation policies on cities and local economies throughout Europe, the US and Canada.

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