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The Sustainability Management Advisory Platform (S-MAP) platform utilises Oxford Economics’ expertise, advanced economic models, and innovative tools to tackle sustainability challenges for our clients. This platform applies economics to analyse and guide sustainability strategies, aiding clients in achieving their goals.

How you will benefit from S-MAP

We provide a comprehensive sustainability advisory service grounded in economics. Our process involves understanding your specific needs and identifying your challenges. We then tailor our tools to address these challenges effectively. By analysing economic evidence, we offer valuable insights to guide your decision-making. Our expertise leads us to recommend optimal actions to help you reach your goals. Additionally, we continuously assess progress and tackle upcoming challenges in the journey towards your objectives.

Meet upcoming sustainability reporting and financial disclosure requirements

The changing landscape of emerging reporting and disclosure standards and mandates is complicated. The ESRS in Europe, the TCFD in the UK, US and Canada, the TNFD and ISSB internationally—whichever jurisdiction you fall under, we can help you understand and prepare your current and future requirements. We work with you to think beyond annual reporting, to understand what the metrics mean in a changing world and to use economic evidence to help you set and achieve targets and demonstrate progress.

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Map your supply chain far beyond the suppliers you purchase from

We map your supply chain using our economic models, data from your company’s accounts and robust global datasets. With this structure we help you understand your direct and indirect economic, social and environmental impacts and how different stakeholders are affected. We also trace dependencies from primary producers all the way back up to your company, mapping your vulnerabilities from exposure to underlying risks and the opportunities in your value chain.

Assess your exposure to a range of risks

Our models use national and sub-national risk metrics to assess vulnerabilities in your value chain due to your exposure to climate, nature, geopolitical, socioeconomic and other growing risks. We will assess the scale of their impact so that you are better placed to address them and actively build resilience into your business.

Understand and plan for an uncertain future

Drawing on our expertise in macro forecasting, we work with you to build scenarios to explore the effects of macroeconomic trends and assess different actions you can take within them, to identify potential trade-offs and interpret the effect on your company’s impact and risk profile over time. This evidence-based forward-looking approach to strategy development and implementation can help you to future-proof your company and efficiently direct resources to where they can have the greatest effect.

Explore the S-MAP dashboard

The S-MAP dashboard is bespoke to your company and customisable to your needs. It’s interactive, allowing you to explore the data, highlight key findings, compare different global scenarios, assess the trade-offs between different strategies, and present the metrics you need.

Impact and distribution

In-depth value chain mapping to analyse and understand your direct and indirect economic (contribution to GDP, jobs, etc.), environmental (GHG, water use, etc.) and social impact, helping you set the direction for improvements.

Dependencies and risk

Develop an understanding of economic dependencies and risk exposure (including climate and nature-related, political and socioeconomic risks) and produce vulnerability heat maps to support your de-risking and resilience-building actions.

Forecasting and scenario analysis

Conduct scenario analysis based on world-leading economic forecasting – not just ‘what ifs’ – considering how macroeconomic, climate and other global trends will affect you and how your business decisions will change your expected impact and risk profile over time.

Metrics and disclosures

Produce a reliable evidence base for decision-making and useable metrics to streamline your impact and financial disclosure reporting. The dashboard will also help you set targets and track and demonstrate your progress year on year.

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S-MAP is a platform that harnesses the power of Oxford Economics’ macroeconomic models, tools and forward-looking analysis, our deep sustainability knowledge and our consulting and advisory capabilities. We help you fulfil your impact reporting and financial disclosure requirements, manage and mitigate risks and identify opportunities, and achieve your sustainability aspirations,

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