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Assess the impacts of climate change and mitigation policies for more than 100 sectors.

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With natural disasters becoming almost commonplace, climate and sustainability have been climbing the agenda of policymakers and business leaders in recent years.  Understanding the risks and the opportunities – now and in the future – is key to effective mitigation and adaptation strategy development for governments and businesses. The Climate Industry Service enables that to happen at the sector level.

Some of the questions we can help you answer


Which sectors will gain and which will lose out in a net zero transition scenario?


How will the phasing out of fossil fuels and the expansion of renewable electricity impact manufacturing supply chains?


What will the composition of energy usage within the transport sector look like in 2050?


What impact will climate mitigation policies have on your business and your customers’ businesses?


What will happen to energy demand and carbon emissions in your business and that of your competitors?

About the Industry Climate Service

Energy and emissions forecasts

Anticipate risks surrounding the energy transition through accessing our forecasts for energy demand and CO2 emissions for 28 sectors across 49 countries.

Databank and chartbook

Our forecasts and chartbook are updated on a quarterly basis to ensure you are brought up to speed with real-world developments.

Climate scenario forecasts

Identify big picture opportunities and risks by benchmarking sector performance under five climate scenarios against the baseline.

Full economist support

A team of 30 climate and industry economists offer support to clients to answer questions about our data and forecasts.

Why Oxford Economics?

We have expanded the offering of our unique climate scenarios and forecasts to help clients assess the impacts of climate change and associated mitigation policies on output and energy use trends across sectors.


Oxford Economics provides the only commercially available service that applies climate scenarios for over 100 sectors and offers forecasts for output and energy use by sector.

Integrated modelling framework

Our range of globally integrated models and climate scenarios allow us to assess the intertwined relations between climate change and the economy and quantify the impacts of climate change and associated mitigation policies at the global, national and sector level.

Full transparency and consistency

Our top-down approach allows us to provide consistent and comparable data and forecasts across sectors and countries. All our data are annotated by source, date of update and analyst. And our modelling methods are explicitly documented.

Seamless integration

Oxford Economics’ API and data feed services allow you to seamlessly integrate our data with your workflows.

Industry climate service

Industry Climate Service

Oxford Economics provides the only commercially available service that applies climate scenarios for over 100 sectors and offers forecasts for output and energy use by sector.

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“We wanted to bring our climate assumptions and scenarios more in line with those used by central banks in their climate stress test analysis, so we have worked with Oxford Economics to apply their climate macro model to our productivity, GDP and inflation forecasts.


Oxford Economics has always been available to respond to our queries and provided insightful explanations for the impact of carbon pricing on macroeconomic activity in their model. We are very satisfied with their rigorous approach in modelling climate change and are happy to have collaborated with them.”


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