Blog | 17 Apr 2023

Introducing our new City Climate Scenarios Service

Oxford Economics is excited to announce the launch of our City Climate Scenarios Service, designed to help businesses and governments better understand the local impact of climate mitigation policies.

Our new service offers in-depth insights into the economic outlook for each city and region across Europe, the US and Canada under different climate-related policy scenarios. The impact of these policies on individual cities and regions will vary, reflecting their unique sectoral composition, inter-regional dependencies, and vulnerability to climatic events.

Our comprehensive climate solutions now include the Global Climate Service, Industry Climate Service, Global Sustainability Model, and the latest addition, the City Climate Scenarios Service. Together, these services provide an unparalleled understanding of the economic challenges, opportunities and consequences of climate change and mitigation policies at national, sectoral, city and company levels. At Oxford Economics, we’re committed to providing a holistic range of climate analysis tools, empowering organizations to make informed, locally customized climate-related decisions with confidence.

Key features include:

How we help:

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