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Discover all the ways our 2,000 customers succeed, thrive and grow with Oxford Economics. Read success stories from Oxford Economics' clients in sectors such as pensions, energy and Real Estate. Learn how they solved their business challenges, supported their businesses' growth and adapted to new markets using Oxford Economics market-leading consulting and subscription services.

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Case Study | Large global pension fund

Supporting investment strategy with long-term perspectives

Overview To make long-term investments, investors need long-term thinking. That’s why one of the largest pension funds globally subscribed to Oxford Economics’ Global Macro Service, Global Cities Service and Regional City Services. They currently use our macroeconomic forecasts as one of the references in reviewing market fundamentals for investment. The Challenge As long-term investors, our client needed to have a solid understanding of the macro economy and forecast market mega trends which affect their investments. Our client needed to review investment strategy and memos periodically to make sure they were aligned with market fundamentals. When looking into specific investments, our...

Case Study | Leading property investment company

Communicating consistently with all stakeholders

Overview Once a year, our client reviews its 10-year strategic plan, revising it based on such factors as: The key economic drivers of growth Secular trends and issues of importance to their business Outlook for specific regions and cities, as well as the outlook for key sectors The external risks and opportunities to its business The client’s plan is then reviewed by the executive team, before ultimately being approved by the board. The Challenge In previous years, our client has engaged different companies to provide Data and modelling The discussion with the executive team, and The final presentation to the...

Case Study | Malaysian Development Bank

Bringing new corporate vision to life

Overview The bank has been providing a path to Malaysia’s infrastructural solutions and was mandated to provide medium to long-term financing to the nation’s nascent infrastructure, maritime, oil and gas and technology sectors. With a focus on these four main sectors, BPMB has played a key role in Malaysia’s development for close to five decades. Evolving with the nation’s progress, BPMB has evolved beyond serving the early developmental needs, shifting gears from being a provider of development finance to a catalyst for a new economy. Being sector agnostic, the Bank has expanded its focus from the four sectors mandated during...

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