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Today’s turbulent macroeconomic and consumer environment makes strategy and planning particularly difficult for firms in the business-to-consumer sector. The pandemic, major global conflicts and geopolitical tensions have caused major supply-side disruptions. At the same time, the ever-changing consumer environment, recent unprecedented levels of inflation and the ensuing cost of living crisis have been a challenge for many organisations in their demand planning process. In times like these, access to rigorous and independent economic and consumer analysis and forecasting becomes invaluable. It allows organisations to understand how economic factors impact their business and grasp opportunities amongst the uncertainty.

The Challenge

Our client, a major multinational drinks company, wanted to gain ongoing insight into the evolving economic conditions, consumer trends, and economic outlook across its top sales markets. Although the client already had access to a wide range of different data, they struggled to extract meaningful insights or translate the data into actionable strategies. 

Seeking a bespoke solution accessible and understandable to a wide range of users across its key markets, the client aimed to bridge the gap between raw economic data and their decision-making process. The objective was to equip users with the ability to understand the economic data and what it means for their business, helping inform strategy and decision-making.

Given the fast-moving nature of the client’s business and the broader economy, they also needed flexible, expert, independent support in answering key economic-related questions. These questions were raised on and ad hoc basis by both internal and external stakeholders during the year. The client struggled to service these inquiries internally due to capacity and knowledge gaps within their in-house economics team.

The Solution

Oxford Economics worked with the client to deliver a comprehensive three-part solution to meet their needs.  

We developed an interactive set of bespoke country dashboards that covered the client’s top 30 sales markets. These dashboards draw upon data and forecasts from our best-in-class global macroeconomic model, and include commentary and hand-picked industry-specific data and information. As such, the dashboards translate raw data into a powerful market intelligence tool and actionable decision-making resource. At the client’s request, we have added more country dashboards over time.

The dashboards are updated monthly with the latest macroeconomic intelligence and delivered in an engaging and easily digestible PowerBI format. The dashboards are contributed to by Oxford Economics’ global and locally-based network of economists, ensuring that the analysis benefits from on-the-ground knowledge and expertise in each country of interest.

Alongside the dashboards, we provided a detailed dataset in MS Excel to quantitatively measure the degree of financial stress experienced by households in the client’s major sales markets. Drawing on our unparalleled knowledge, insight and access to macroeconomic information, the dataset tracks a wide range of high-frequency data points for each country, enabling the client to understand, in close to real-time, the consumer-related developments in each country at a glance.

The final part of the solution is to provide ongoing economics support, giving the client the flexibility and agility to understand and react quickly to fast-evolving macroeconomic trends. It also enables them to provide high-quality macroeconomic insights to internal and external stakeholders as needs arise.

The Result

Oxford Economics’ ongoing and up-to-date analysis offers the client an insight into the ever-evolving economic and consumer landscape in each of their priority markets. The tailored approach, facilitated through close collaboration with the client in designing the deliverables, underpinned by the expertise of Oxford Economics’ 425+ analysts and locally-based economists (whose job is to track these economies), empowers the client to stay on top of economic developments, make better-informed decisions, identify opportunities, and assess risks. Monthly dashboard and dataset updates help to bridge the information gap and translate raw data into a powerful market intelligence tool and actionable decision-making resource for the client.

All of our outputs are built with the end-user in mind, allowing both economists and non-economists to integrate economics into their decision-making while not compromising the accuracy and detail of the underlying economic analysis.

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