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Green Economy Transition

The transition to a green economy may follow many different paths, with significantly different opportunities and costs, winners and losers along each. How companies are impacted by the societal and economic shifts to a net zero future depends on many factors: their industry, location, ambition and ingenuity, along with responses from governments, regulators, credit and capital markets, consumers and workforces. 

By building a robust understanding of how they will be affected by a wide range of scenarios, and how their own behaviour can influence the path followed, companies can equip themselves to minimise the myriad of risks for themselves and their value chain associated with the green economy transition.  As well as for the wider macroeconomy and the public. There are also considerable opportunities for those willing to seize them.

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Physical Risks and Their Economic Impact

Heatwaves, floods, wildfires, storms and other catastrophic weather-related events are becoming commonplace.  While these extreme events capture headlines, prolonged and gradual shifts in weather patterns, including temperature volatility and rainfall, have the potential for even greater consequences.

Businesses, governments and non-governmental organisations need to identify and quantify the implications for their operations, costs, supply chains, investments, assets and employees, as well as their customers and levels of demand.  That knowledge will enable them to plan for and mitigate the potential impact of risks in the short term and plan for sustainable future success in the longer term. As policymakers and corporations seek to understand the economic case for carbon abatement, they rely on economists to forecast the associated damage of inaction. 

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Businesses need to analyse and understand all the climate and sustainability-related risks they are exposed to, both physical and transitional.  However, with the complexity involved, many companies struggle to gather all the required data and interpret their meaning. 

There are currently a variety of bodies working towards standardising impact reporting and disclosure frameworks around the world, which can appear complicated to the unfamiliar—TCFD, TNFD, ESRS and IFRS to name a few., all aligned in terms of the intention and the requirements: measure not just a company’s direct risks but also indirect risks, such as supply chain disruption, changing client preferences, network effects or energy prices. 

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Our Climate and Sustainability Solutions

Green Economy Transition

Our services spotlight your current exposure to the physical risks associated with climate change and the short and long-term economic changes that a unique city, region or country faces as a result. Helping inform your location decisions.​

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Physical Risks and their Economic Impact

Our services spotlight your current exposure to the physical risks associated with climate change and the short and long-term economic changes that a unique city, region or country faces as a result. Helping inform your location decisions.​

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We help you analyse, plan for and mitigate your climate and sustainability-related risks and opportunities and credibly disclose their impact on your company’s financial performance. Our solutions support evidence-based strategic decision-making, so your business adapts and thrives in the long run.

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Customer stories

Case Study | Energy UK

Achieving net zero advocacy goals

Highlighting the economic opportunities the energy transition presents and the consequences of not grasping them.

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Case Study | Schroders

Understanding climate-related implications on investment strategies

As global awareness of climate change continues to increase, investors are beginning to consider how climate risks and opportunities may affect long-term investment strategies and returns. Our client, Schroders, a large asset manager, is no exception, which is why they switched to our Global Climate Service as the economic foundation for their long-run asset class publication.

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Case Study | Multinational services company

Quantifying the impact of climate on customers

Leveraging industry-specific climate forecasts to future-proof revenue.

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