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Oxford Economics provides clients interested in the automotive sector with reliable data and forecasts for key economic drivers, sector-based trend analysis, topical studies, customised reports, and analytical forecasting and scenario tools, to better understand the automotive sector and trends up and down the value and supply chain. All to enable a better understanding of opportunities and risks and help inform timely and effective decision-making.

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Oxford Economics has developed a globally integrated research and forecasting approach that allows us to not only forecast relevant trends within the automotive sector by country and region, but also quantify risks and developments relevant to the automotive industry. These range from the key macro and consumer trends, forecasting all sectors within the value chain, key supply chain linkages, global trade flows, the impact of commodity prices and the overall analysis of sector risks.

Use Oxford Economics’ forecast data and scenarios to project performance and income generation under different economic and regulatory environments.

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Track how changes in tariffs, import/export quotas, and other protectionist measures would impact national economies, industry sectors and even internationally exposed regional economies, such as cities and states.

Establish expertise or authority within the sector with industry insights, highlighting emerging best practices or disruptive innovations, and demonstrate thought leadership.

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Understand global supply chains, geopolitical, and operational risk exposure in markets around the world, through our dedicated risk service, forecast data, and macro and industry scenarios.

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monitor performance

Monitor the macroeconomic environment for signs of economic downturn or increased activity that might signal a risk or opportunity.

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social value

Demonstrate economic impact or social value to show the difference the activities make to economic prosperity, job creation and public finances.

Recent case studies

Risk signal identification, prioritisation and monitoring evaluation model

Despite existing internal risk management processes, a major automotive manufacturer was unprepared for and failed to anticipate and mitigate significant risks and shocks that have significantly affected its operations in recent years, including its sales, supply chain and financing.

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Bespoke automotive sector sales forecasting

Automotive companies face many challenges: regulations, emission controls, litigation, political uncertainty, complex and problematic supply chains and disruptive technology are perhaps among the most pressing.

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Global macroeconomic and risk scenario tool

Enabling a major automotive manufacturer to anticipate and respond effectively to evolving market dynamics across its global operations.

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The Economic Impact of General Motors in the United States

Oxford Economics was commissioned to analyze the Economic Impact of GM's operations in the United States.

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“To our knowledge the most robust, comprehensive, and timely world macroeconomic model is the Oxford Economics model. We tested multiple world models in 2011, Oxford towered above the competition. Bottom line, the Oxford Economics model is a mission-critical tool. Customer support and training is extensive, and the billing process is dramatically less painful compared to our other vendors.”

Recent Release

Data-powered automotive warranty re-invention

In cooperation with IBM’s Institute for Business Value, we surveyed 300 OEMs and vehicle parts manufacturers in 11 countries to benchmark automotive-industry warranty management and explore how companies are leveraging new technology in their warranty operations.

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Bespoke Business Forecasting

We are here to support your corporate planning and strategic decision making with customised solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

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Global Industry Service

Gain insights into the impact of economic developments on industrial sectors.

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Global Commodity Service

Monthly reports on commodity price trends and forecasts, as well as weekly briefings on the latest price action.

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Global Macro Strategy Service

Global insight and opportunity at your fingertips.

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Global Sustainability Model

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