Global Sustainability Model

Accurately measure your organisation's global footprint through economic, environmental and social lenses, identify risks and develop strategies to become more sustainable.

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Our Global Sustainability Model provides an unrivalled capability to measure economic, social and environmental footprints as they span industries and countries, allowing us to accurately measure your organisation’s footprint against globally recognised standards, such as national accounts, UN Sustainable Development Goals, and the Greenhouse Gas Protocol. Moreover, the Global Sustainability Model provides the foundation for far more in-depth analysis of your supply chain, the risks that it is exposed to, and paths to becoming more sustainable.

An economic approach to sustainability analysis

Leverages our best-in-class economic impact model

The Global Sustainability Model covers industrial links between over 90 countries, representing 95% of global GDP.

Understand your footprint in detail

Economic, environmental and social footprint on a by-industry and by-country basis.

Map global supply chains at a granular level

The Global Sustainability Model accurately measures scale, location and nature of supply chain activity.

Dive deeper into your supply chain

The Global Sustainability Model aligns with risk measures to highlight how and where your organisation is exposed.

How we can help you

The Global Sustainability Model leverages the knowledge and techniques we have developed in mapping economic impact to explore environmental and social footprints.

Understand your organisation's global footprint

Our model includes the global supply chains typically excluded from standard economic impact assessments, enabling comprehensive measurement of economic footprints. It has informed bespoke consultancy and advice that Oxford Economics has provided to clients around the world. The Global Sustainability Model extends this to allow us to quantify the environmental and social footprint of supply chains as they ripple across the global economy.

Report your impact down to the last detail

The high level of detail included within our modelling allows you to present your organisation’s impact in many different ways, such as: by territory in aggregate, by territory in detail and over various time periods. With metrics ranging from GDP contributions and taxes, through greenhouse gas emissions and water usage, to the age and gender composition of the jobs you support, the Global Sustainability Model allows you to align with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and other reporting standards.

Evaluate risk exposure and run “what if" analyses

We can deliver forecast analyses drawing on our world-leading economic forecasting capabilities and risk metrics. This enables you to explore how exposed your supply chain is to different risks, and how your footprint could change with developments in the global economy. Easy-to-use models also enable scenario analysis to be run by your own staff—with models aligned to corporate branding, to allow easy input into internal and external reporting.


Global Sustainability Model

A new way to measure your organisation’s sustainable impact.

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