Gain insights into the economies of the United States, Canada and Latin America, as we combine our global expertise with local knowledge.

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Make informed decisions with the help of in-depth reports and forecasts and 50 years of data. We bring you a flexible solution tailored to your business requirements, giving you the option to choose which services you want to subscribe to.

Where we are in the Americas

We provide you with economic analysis and forecasts for the Americas region.

About our services for the Americas

Our services provide comprehensive analysis and forecasts by states, metropolitan areas and counties in the US, and by provinces and metropolitan areas in Canada. There is comprehensive analysis and forecasts for key economic, labour market and industry variables for major business centres in Latin America.

In-depth forecast reports and data
  • Analysis of economic events, market shifts, emerging trends, policy changes and more.
  • Consistent data and forecasts for total output and employment as well as for industries, population, labour force, unemployment, household incomes and spending for each location.
  • Monthly forward-looking analysis and data out to 2050.
  • Concise economic outlook summaries for US, Canada and Latin American countries through executive and weekly briefings.
Informed decisions and business planning
  • Support your strategic decisions and business planning with in-depth insights that help you track and monitor global and local macro trends and their effect on American economies.
  • Track the region’s latest travel and tourism trends and access historical and long-term data and forecasts for key industrial sectors and cities.
Software and support
  • Quickly build scenarios, export data, load pre-defined scenarios, and present data as charts, heat maps and dashboards.
  • We provide clients with in-house and online training and also offer regular webinars for model users.

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US States and Metro Service

Forecasts, scenarios and analysis for US states, metropolitan statistical areas and counties.

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Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)


US Forecasting Service

Access to short- and long-term analysis, scenarios and forecasts for the US economy.

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Canada Provincial Territorial Model

A rigorous and comprehensive framework to develop forecasts, scenarios and impact analysis at the national, provincial and territorial levels.

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washington, united states


US Industry Service

Outlook for 261 detailed sectors in the NAICS classification.

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US Construction Service

A comprehensive five-year outlook for construction activity in the United States.

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Canadian landscape


Canada Macro Service

Comprehensive coverage of the Canadian economy, providing clients with all of the information they need to assess the impact of developments in the economy on their business.

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Canadian flag in front of commercial building


Canadian Province and Metro Service

Data and forecasts for Canadian provinces and metropolitan areas.

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Aerial view of the city Cascavel, Parana, Brazil, Latin America


Latin America Macro Service

A complete service to help you track, analyse, and react to macro events and future trends across Latin America.

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buildings near mountain photo


Latin American Cities and Regions Service

Forecasts for key economic, labour market and industry variables for major business centres in Latin America.

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Modelling and Scenarios

Bespoke research to help you make informed decisions.

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Speaker talking in seminar with many of audiences for business meeting for key of success


Monitoring and briefing

Benchmarking, tailored reports, analysis and presentations.

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Bespoke Business Forecasting

We are here to support your corporate planning and strategic decision making with customised solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

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United States 2022 Themes: A ‘MESSI’ year ahead

After experiencing one of the most severe economic shocks of the past century in 2020, the US economy vaulted into one of the most rapid recoveries in modern history in 2021. But the recovery process is far from complete, and the next stage of the recovery will be trickier to navigate.

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“Oxford Economics’ data and forecasts form the backbone of our demand models. The global consistency and granular detail available in their expansive dataset allows us to focus on the variables most relevant to our business.”

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