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Evidence-based analysis for the TMT sector.

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Combining our unparalleled research capabilities and industry knowledge, we help businesses in the TMT sector better understand the rapidly evolving business environment and make decisions on the fly.

How we help

Count on our expert teams for support to achieve your goals, whether it's expanding into new markets, mitigating risk exposure, or establishing authority in the industry.

Identify growth opportunities

Leveraging our research tools and forecast data for over 200 economies and 7,000 cities and regions around the world, our team of experts can help you access sector and market growth potential, and even evaluate project performance and income generation.

Monitor market development

To find new markets and stay ahead of the competition, you need to understand the economic, demographic, and sector trends that will shape the TMT industry. We keep you informed of industry developments by presenting a review of the macro environment, market trends, and key risks for the TMT sector. We can further help you assess the likelihood and impact of economic, political, market, and regulatory changes, and how they will affect sector growth.

Become a thought leader

From whitepapers and executive summaries to surveys and presentations, we can help you elevate your brand and reputation by creating evidence-based narratives about the near future of business and the TMT sector. Our expert team has worked with dozens of top TMT companies on their thought leadership studies, delivering important insights on disruptive innovations and emerging best practices.

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The pandemic has greatly accelerated digital transformation and, in parallel, the need for better digital infrastructures to support these changes. The journey to cloud, however, is not so straightforward.


“Working with the team is a real pleasure. I felt they were just as committed to the project as I was, both in terms of meeting the due dates and also delivering quality, well-written content. They were very communicative with the regular updates on process. Our survey was conducted at the height of the pandemic and the team proactively suggested adding new questions to address what was going on at that moment and delivering an intermediary report very quickly.”

Laurie Hawkins, Senior Director of Global Marketing

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