Global Industry Model

An integrated model covering 100 sectors across 77 countries and the Eurozone.

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Oxford Economics’ Global Industry Model provides a framework for accessing our industry forecasts and building your own projections. The model is globally integrated and transparent so that changes are reflected throughout to show the impacts of key macro drivers across 77 countries and 100 sectors. Forecasts are fully consistent with the macroeconomic forecasts derived from our Global Economic Model.

About the Global Industry Model

The Global Industry Model identifies and maps the supply chain linkages between economic sectors within countries and across regions, and connects them to the macroeconomic drivers of demand to provide a rigorous and consistent representation of sector output and investment.

Comprehensive industry forecasts

Access incisive industry forecasts and build your own projections. Extensive coverage of 77 countries and more than 100 sectors — including 85 manufacturing subsegments.

Regularly updated

Data and forecasts are updated each quarter, using the latest monthly economic data. Industry forecasts from the model are reviewed to ensure they are consistent with our global assumptions and country projections.

Linked economic and industry models

Our economic and industry models are fully integrated which means that scenarios created in the Global Economic Model show the impact to a sector level within the same forecasting framework.

Advanced model structure

Forecasts of value-added output by industry based on an input-output framework and built around quarterly data for 32 countries and annual data for 45 countries from 1980 to 2050.

How our model can boost your business strategy

Quickly build scenarios, export data, load predefined scenarios, and present data as charts, heat maps and dashboards.

  • Make informed decisions thanks to rigorous and consistent data
  • Identify growth opportunities and risks to inform strategic business planning
  • Conduct “what if” analysis and build bespoke scenarios to gain confidence in your decision making
  • Share data visualisations with colleagues to help communicate your business strategies clearly
  • Make your job easier with our intuitive software that allows you to quickly build scenarios, export data, load predefined scenarios, and present data as charts, heat maps and dashboards
Detailed coverage

The Global Industry Model provides key indicators such as output, investment and profits for a wide array of sectors, such as:

  • Transport equipment
  • Chemicals
  • Machinery and industrial equipment
  • Oil and natural gas extraction
  • Power generation and utilities
  • Construction and building materials
  • Consumer goods
  • Electronics and high-tech goods
  • More than 10 service sectors
Expert support

Our team of sector specialists is available to answer questions about the structure and functionality of the model as well as about the forecasts that it generates.

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Global Industry Model

An integrated model covering over 100 manufacturing and service sectors in 77 major countries and the Eurozone, our industry model uses the components of macroeconomic demand (consumer spending, investment and government expenditures) as its key input.

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“Oxford Economics’ data and forecasts form the backbone of our demand models. The global consistency and granular detail available in their expansive dataset allows us to focus on the variables most relevant to our business.”

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