Managing and mitigating risks

Identify and prepare for the economic risks inherent in doing business in an increasingly complex and inter-connected world.

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Mitigation of risks

Our deep and wide range of knowledge across geographies, sectors and global issues, combined with our economic models and analytical capabilities, gives us an unparalleled ability to identify and anticipate emerging risks (economic, political, sovereign, social, climate-related, technological) and help organisations understand their potential impact.

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Economic and regulatory change is relentless. How can I measure it and mitigate its impact on my business?


How can I protect my business from the impacts of climate change?


How can I stress test my corporate planning and quantify the impact of different risk scenarios?


What new opportunities might there be if I develop an effective risk mitigation strategy?

Develop effective strategies

Risk identification and mitigation can be daunting. So, not only do we help clients identify risks, we work with them to understand the severity of those risks for their business to enable them to develop risk mitigation strategies to manage, eliminate or reduce the risk to an acceptable level.

Identifying and quantifying risks to your markets
  • Identify and anticipate emerging risks (economic, political, social, climate-related, technological) and quantify their severity.
  • Use our forecast data as a baseline for your business, and then apply a range of top-down scenarios and stress tests.
  • Analyse risks by feeding Oxford Economics’ data into your internal planning models, and prioritise and build mitigation strategies based on the impact on your business.
  • Use our databank reporting to evaluate market risk insights.
  • Use our historical data to develop internal forecasts.
Out of risk mitigation comes opportunities

A risk-informed strategy is a source of competitive advantage:

  • Understand how trends and market growth trajectories may have changed.
  • Feed data into your internal databank and evaluate new opportunities for your business.
  • Use our forecasts to compare against your competitors.
  • Use our databanks to identify new or existing gaps within your sector.
  • Develop informed decisions and execute effective planning on corporate location, capital investment, marketing strategy, communications, financing etc.
Analysing alternative scenarios
  • Construct a robust and transparent scenario framework to explore the impact of a new strategy, policy, or investment opportunity on your business.
  • Run scenarios, assimilate information from reports/databanks to feed your models.
  • Evaluate specific scenarios that impact your sector.
  • Utilise our feeds and updates to inform your wider business and drive strategy across your firm.

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“To our knowledge the most robust, comprehensive, and timely world macroeconomic model is the Oxford Economics model. We tested multiple world models in 2011, Oxford towered above the competition. Bottom line, the Oxford Economics model is a mission-critical tool. Customer support and training is extensive, and the billing process is dramatically less painful compared to our other vendors.”

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