Measuring the sustainability of supply chains

Map your global supply chain, understand your footprint, expose risks, identify opportunities and explore ways to achieve your sustainability ambitions.

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Our Global Sustainability Model provides an unrivalled capability to identify and understand supply chains as they span industries and economies across the world. Doing so allows us to measure their economic, social and environmental footprint, track exposure to current disruptions and future risks, and provide a pathway to increased supply chain sustainability.

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How broad and deep is my supply chain?


How sustainable is my supply chain?


What parts of my supply chain are driving my environmental footprint, and where are they located?


What levels of risk is my supply chain exposed to?


How could changing suppliers impact on my organisation's contribution to Sustainable Development Goals and/or reduce risk exposure?

Understanding supply chains to shape sustainability strategy

Our bespoke consulting modelling provides highly detailed and disaggregated insight into the shape of your supply chain. Knowing the industries and countries that are central to your key inputs provides not only the means for measuring your footprint in its broadest terms, but also provides a channel for identifying the risks present in your supply chain.

Uncover the breadth and depth of your supply chain

Supply chains span the world. Our Global Sustainability Model enables us to identify how your supply chain spans industries and crosses borders multiple times. Combining your procurement data with the model lets us calculate the countries and industries your organisation is reliant on – even if you do not directly engage with them – providing an insight impossible when looking at procurement data alone.

Global Sustainability Model
Measure your supply chain's footprint

Organisational footprint can be presented in a way that makes sense to your organisation, for example, you can explore by granular detail or at an aggregate level by territory. And you can choose the timeframes that are relevant to you.  All the metrics you need for alignment to UN Sustainable Development Goals and other reporting standards are available, including tax and GDP contributions, water usage or greenhouse gas emissions. We even enable you to measure the gender mix of the jobs your supply chain supports.

Evaluate risk exposure and run “what if" analyses

Our unique models enable you to explore the exposure of your supply chain to various future risks, look at the impact of changing suppliers, and understand how global economic developments can impact your footprint. Measuring the impact of these scenarios can be done working with our sustainability experts or by your own teams using our easy-to-use applications. Easy input of data into external and internal reporting is available, complete with your corporate brand assets as necessary.


Global Sustainability Model

A new way to measure your organisation’s sustainable impact.

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