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Oxford Economics is the world’s only globally consistent and independent provider of macroeconomic, real estate, climate change, city and regional and tourism forecasting. Through our real estate analysis, we offer a range of economic and real estate solutions that help investors, lenders and developers when it comes to understanding future real estate performance. Read more from our Real Estate Economic Impacts feed.

Insights for real estate investors, lenders and developers

Oxford Economics has developed a range of services that help clients understand the key demand-side challenges when supporting effective real estate strategy and decision-making.

What are the benefits?
  1. Model-generated baseline and scenario forecasts
  2. Global coverage
  3. Analysis of sub-national locations
  4. Consistent and independent real estate forecasts with an objective outlook
  5. Combines the best of Oxford’s economic and financial forecasts with leading real estate industry data
  6. High-level commentary that looks at changing economic and financial implications on real estate performance
  7. Understand the key drivers of real estate
  8. Understand real estate performance vs equities, bonds and fixed income
  9. Access to a dedicated team of real estate economists
  10. Access to a dedicated team of city and regional economists
  11. A tool to run economic and climate shocks on real estate performance
  12. Supporting real estate and economic consultancy
Why do real estate firms use Oxford Economics?
  1. One-stop-shop for national, city, tourism and real estate forecasts
  2. Global coverage with forecasting consistency
  3. Forecasts at a national, city and regional level for GDP, employment, demographics, spending, sales, wages, industry splits
  4. Real estate forecasts by property sector, covering a range of key real estate indicators
  5. Economic and real estate scenarios at a national and city level
  6. Written analysis by country, city, region and sector, supported by thematic and event-driven commentary
  7. Access to a dedicated team of macro, city, travel and real estate experts
  8. Detailed locations, including city splits, e.g. London West-End vs City or Manhattan vs Brooklyn
  9. Consistent and independent outlook
  10. Our dedicated consulting team can also provide bespoke real estate research and solutions tailored to your organisation’s requirements

Recommended Services

Man holding Asia map
Asian Cities and Regional Forecasts

Key economic, demographic, and income and spending projections to 2035 for more than 400 locations across Asia-Pacific.

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European cities - Paris
European Cities and Regions Service

Regularly updated data and forecasts for 2,000 locations across Europe.

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Global cities service
Global Cities Service

Make decisions about market and investment strategies with historical data and forecasts for 900 of the world’s most important cities.

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Man working in scaffold on a skyscraper
Global Construction Service

Understand and shape the future of the global construction and engineering industry.

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Global Macro Service

Monitor macro events and their potential impact.

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business man at the airport with an airplane in the background
Global Travel Service

Detailed travel and tourism market trends and forecasts for 185 countries globally.

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US States and Metro Service

Forecasts, scenarios and analysis for US states, metropolitan statistical areas and counties.

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Canadian flag in front of commercial building
Canadian Province and Metro Service

Data and forecasts for Canadian provinces and metropolitan areas.

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UK Region and LAD Forecasts
UK Region and LAD Forecasts

Regularly updated data and forecasts for UK regions and local authority districts.

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real estate building
Real Estate Forecasts and Scenarios

Understand the prospects and risks to your real estate investments by location and property type.

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Global Sustainability Model

Accurately measure your organisation's global footprint through economic, environmental and social lenses, identify risks and develop strategies to become more sustainable.

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Active vs. Passive Fund Performance in European listed real estate

An examination of the performance of active and passive funds for European listed real estate in the period 2006-2021, and the development of an empirical model to investigate relative performance of active and passive funds.

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1 out of 4

“Oxford Economics is synonymous with high-quality macroeconomic research. A compelling reason for us to subscribe to the new Real Estate Economic Forecasting Service.”

Andreas Trumpp, Head of Research

2 out of 4

“The top-down approach to portfolio allocation in RE involves allocation and strategy for each asset category. The new RE Economics Service was something obvious because it can support our Research department to build different scenarios to find portfolio diversification strategies”.

Henry-Aurélien Natter, Head of Research

3 out of 4

“The RE Economic Service allows us to link the top-down economic outlook, drivers and risks, with our market-level forecasting and return expectation setting. This allows us to be more strategic about our allocations and how to build & maintain a well-diversified portfolio”.

Adam Brueckner, Vice President, Global Portfolio Management and Investment Risk

4 out of 4

“The RE Economic Service allows us to link the top-down economic outlook, drivers and risks, with our market-level forecasting and return expectation setting. This allows us to be more strategic about our allocations and how to build & maintain a well-diversified portfolio”.

Norbert Herrmann, Head of Business Management and Economic Analysis

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