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We are here to support your corporate planning and strategic decision making with customised solutions that are tailored to your requirements.

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Our bespoke business forecasting services can help you with corporate and strategic planning. Our economists are experts in global forecasting and business analysis, and our research can be tailored to provide you with the answers that will help you unlock the potential of your business and navigate potential risks.

Tailored solutions

What markets should I invest in?

Understand how economic fundamentals related to your business are expected to shift.

What are the key indicators that correlate with my firm's sales?

We can identify the macroeconomic and sector-specific indicators that determine your sales and market potential, and project them forward for a reliable view on what’s to come.

What will my market size be in 5 years? In 10 years?

We can help you spot your company’s next big growth opportunity and identify key risks.

How can I unlock the potential of my business?

Get help to uncover emerging opportunities in new markets.

Custom analysis and forecasts

Learn how our bespoke solutions can fuel your strategic planning.

How can bespoke forecasts help me?
  • Forecasting your sales: creation of a forecast model specific to your business to help you benchmark and forecast sales performance
  • Long-term planning: informing you of the long-term economic outlook for your business to support future thinking and planning
  • Market demand models: analysis of your customer sectors
  • New market evaluation: identify the prime location(s) that would provide the most opportunity for your business to grow
Assess the risks your business is facing

Measuring the impact of developments such as Covid-19, automation, China decoupling and many others on your business outlook can be difficult. We can help with:

  • Tailored business reports that evaluate the latest market intelligence
  • Business and industry-specific reports focusing on future market demand, policy issues or emerging risks of your choice
  • Quantifying the effects of potential economic, political and financial risks on your business
Assess the impact of alternative scenarios

We work with you to build custom scenarios that quantify the impact of risks on your business and supply chains. This can include stress testing your business to future economic, industrial and technological shifts and evaluating the strategic directions.

Case study

Bespoke automotive sector sales forecasting

Learn how we helped a leading global automotive manufacturer leverage macroeconomics to understand a complex sales channel and provide the robust data necessary for forecasting and planning.

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“Working with the team is a real pleasure. I felt they were just as committed to the project as I was, both in terms of meeting the due dates and also delivering quality, well-written content. They were very communicative with the regular updates on process. Our survey was conducted at the height of the pandemic and the team proactively suggested adding new questions to address what was going on at that moment and delivering an intermediary report very quickly.”

Laurie Hawkins, Senior Director of Global Marketing

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