Commodity Price Forecasts

Monthly reports on commodity price trends and forecasts, as well as weekly briefings on the latest price action.

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Our service gives you a comprehensive forward-looking overview of prices of a broad array of energy and metals. Analysis takes into account not only the fundamental developments in supply and demand, but also the short-term momentum that drives price action in the very near term. Forecasts extend out to 2050 and reflect our latest views on the energy transition and other factors governing the long-term outlook for commodity prices.


Commodity reports

We analyse a range of energy, industrial metals and precious metals prices and highlight the key risks and pricing developments to watch out for.

Regular outlooks

Monthly reports about commodity price trends and projections include detailed analysis of supply and demand. Weekly reports provide an overview of prices and futures across the entire commodities complex for an up-to-the-minute view of price action.

Access to our databank

Benefit from our Commodity Price Databank that allows you to chart and analyse the latest trends and outlook.


Commodity prices and developments cannot be viewed in isolation or else they would not paint a complete picture. Our forecasts and analysis is in the context of and consistent with our economic forecasts and derived from our market-leading suite of global macroeconomic and sector models.

Incisive analysis

Our service provides you with insightful outlooks allowing you to stay abreast of the latest and upcoming commodity developments

Service features

Monthly report includes in-depth analysis of current and future trends in crude oil, natural gas, and coal as well as iron, steel and the key nonferrous and precious metals. Detailed data tables with quarterly two-year commodity price projections.

Weekly report includes more than ten pages of tracking charts charts across a broad range of commodity and financial market indicators.


Our service allows you to gain the insights you need to guide purchasing and hedging decisions on key inputs.

Clients have direct access to our economists, who will provide rapid responses to questions about the forecasts.


For energy commodities, indicators include crude oil prices for four different benchmarks (Brent, Dubai, WTI and Canada Select), natural gas prices for three different benchmarks (Henry Hub and regional benchmarks for Europe and Asia), thermal and coking coal, iron ore, steel (hot-rolled and plate), for US, Europe and China, and global prices for aluminium, copper, lead, nickel, zinc, tin, platinum, gold and silver.

In addition, we track numerous indicators of commodities demand and supply.


Commodity Price Forecasts

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“The Oxford Economics team carried out our macroeconomic port trade forecast out to 2050. The team was highly capable, worked with us closely, took on board feedback from internal and external stakeholders and we are very confident in the product. The Oxford Economics brand carries credibility in the market.”

Robin Mortimer, Chief Executive

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