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Detailed travel and tourism market trends globally and forecasts for 185 countries

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The Global Travel Service provides you with comprehensive travel intelligence for 185 countries globally. The service enables clients to understand country-level travel activities including visits, purpose of trip, number of nights and travel spending.

Deep insights into world travellers

The most comprehensive dataset of its kind, the Global Travel Service includes travel and economic activity for 185 countries.

Data covered

Comprehensive travel data for every major origin and destination pair across 185 countries.

Over 100,000 indicators of tourism activity

Traveller origins, purpose of trip, visitor spending by category, mode of travel, average length of stay and more.

Forecast period and historical data

Almost thirty years of historical data and 10-year forecasts updated every quarter.

International and domestic travel

The service covers data for both international (inbound and outbound) and domestic travel by country.

Key Service features

The Global Travel Service helps you understand market trends, growth hot spots and passenger demand for 185 countries globally.

Data and coverage

The extensive databank includes over 100,000 indicators of tourism activity, including purpose of trip, number of nights, mode of travel, and visitor spending by category with detail on purpose of travel and for every major origin and destination pair across 185 countries. Ten-year forecasts are developed based on the Oxford Economics global economic model. The databank is updated quarterly with the latest travel data and key economic drivers.

Indicators covered
  • Visits: destination forecasts for international and domestic, short/medium/long haul, trip purpose and mode of transportation.
  • Average length of stay and number of overnights.
  • Travel spending: inbound, outbound, and domestic spending by purpose and category.
  • Departures: number of trips taken.
  • Origin-destination flows: visits, nights and spend across major origin and destination pairs.
  • Macroeconomic drivers: GDP, demographics, inflation, interest rates, exchange rates and more.
Software and support
  • Advanced analytical functions: Our web-based databank allows users to quickly build custom queries with complete flexibility and visualise the data in tables, charts, and maps. Searches can be saved for future reference and downloaded quickly in Excel and Adobe formats, and even shown on a heat map.
  • Economist support: We provide full client support to answer questions about our data or forecasts.
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Global Travel Service

The most comprehensive dataset of its kind, the Global Travel Service includes travel and economic activity for 185 countries. The user-friendly interface provides access to detailed information on traveller origins, destinations, purpose of trip, visitor spending, and mode of travel.



“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

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