Air Passenger Forecast Service Brochure

The Air Passenger Forecast Service is the most comprehensive set of projections on how the airline industry will evolve in the coming years, where more passengers are expected to fly in the next fifteen years than over the past one hundred. Jointly created by Tourism Economics and the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the service provides long-term forecasts of air passenger flows for almost 4,000 routes and total flows for 183 countries.

What’s included?
  • Extensive databank. Quarterly data which provides comparable analysis for nearly 4,000 country and region pairs, with historical data from 2006 and 20-year forecasts. The data covers air passenger flows as well as economic and demographic data by country and regional aggregate.
  • Global Forecast Report. Includes detailed commentary from Tourism Economics and IATA featuring analysis of the baseline forecast plus the impacts of upside and downside alternative scenarios.
  • Individual country reports. Providing supplementary detailed analysis for the top country markets.
  • Global trend analysis. Each update of the database is accompanied by a report. The contents of this report will vary in scope, covering the topics most relevant to the outlook. Topics developed within the report might include long-term factors affecting passenger flows (such as travel liberalization, demographics, sustainability agenda, and energy costs), and near-term drivers, including the latest year-to-date out turns and recent changes in economic conditions.
  • Economist support. We offer support to our clients to answer questions about our data or forecasts.
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