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December / January 2019

  • With few clear signs of recovery emerging, and a renewed escalation of trade tensions, we expect global growth to reach a low in early 2020 and then pick-up only gradually from there.
  • While there have been tentative signs that world industrial output and trade reached a trough in late 2019, activity in services has softened, so global growth may weaken further around the turn of the year.
  • We still see world growth bottoming-out in Q1 2020, with a pick-up following as widespread policy loosening starts to take effect. But any revival will be weak and we still expect global growth of only 2.5% this year and next.
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Latest Analysis

  • Dec 06 2019

    Eurozone: ECB Watch – Preparing the policy strategy review

    The ECB’s last meeting of the year is unlikely to bring any policy decisions as the economic data flow seems to be stabilising, while the full effects of Draghi’s last hurrah in September are yet to m...

  • Dec 06 2019

    The economic impact of global warming

    The impact of global warming is rarely included in standard macroeconomic forecasts, even over 20-30 year time horizons. This partly reflects the perception that the economic effects of global warming...

  • Dec 05 2019

    MENA Weekly: PMIs show Saudi forging ahead; Tunisia’s growth falters

    The November PMI data for the MENA region paints a very divergent picture for Saudi Arabia, where the index rose to 58.3 – the highest level in over four years and suggesting further strengthening in...

  • Dec 05 2019

    China: Industrial profits to nudge up in 2020

    Amid subdued sales growth and falling profit margins, industrial profits have fallen substantially in the first 10 months of 2019. The margin pressures have been most severe in heavy industry, while t...

  • Dec 05 2019

    Japan: Why the yen's not soaring, yet

    The yen has avoided appreciating significantly against the dollar this year despite persistent concerns prompted by the dovish-shift by the Fed and a series of risk-off episodes. This has allowed the...

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  • Our 250 economists have updated our monthly forecasts - download a FREE SUMMARY: We see a further slowdown into 2020 and world growth of 2.5% this yr and next, the weakest since 2009. But despite heightened recession risks, we think this shd be avoided.

  • As highlighted by AFP, our new 'Global Cities' study shows the #globaleconomy slowdown biting on growth in #cities worldwide. Of the top 900 cities we find just under two-thirds will see slower growth in 2020-21 than in the past 5 years: @heatherscottafp

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