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Reduce noise and make your travel and tourism data sing with our business intelligence platform

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Symphony is a data analytics platform designed to help companies overcome the everyday challenges of research. While more data is available than ever before, a myriad of sources and update frequencies can produce a cacophony of information. Symphony solves this challenge by tuning data and creating harmonised reporting.

What Symphony includes

Symphony is a comprehensive data analytics platform for the travel and tourism sector, integrating Tourism Economics’ databanks, your data, and third-party data sources.

Advanced data analytics platform

Integrate data from various sources and create a one-stop reporting solution.

Economic indicators

Oxford Economics’ macroeconomic forecasts provide a robust analysis of the economy.

Travel and tourism indicators

Tourism Economics data and forecasts allow you to understand global tourism activities.

First class service

We offer our clients flexible support and answer questions about our data or forecasts.

Make your data sing…all in the same key

Symphony makes it easy to:
  • Process data from various sources, quickly and easily
  • Interact with all relevant data sources in one platform
  • Understand the key stories within your data
  • Create consistent reports to reveal interactive insights for decision making
  • Distribute expository content to various stakeholders

Custom build. Get your personalised business intelligence platform designed by our experts for your company’s needs.

Increased efficiency. Increase your efficiency by combining all relevant data into one place and getting quick access to actionable insights.

Increased cost-efficiency. Lower your costs by using one platform that combines your subscription data, your internal data and data from external providers in one place.

Usage scenarios

Intelligence and advocacy

  • Market KPI reporting
  • Recovery tracking
  • Lodging performance
  • Visits and origin markets
  • Geospatial analysis

Marketing strategy

  • Marketing ROI
  • Website analytics
  • Campaign result
  • Social media performance
  • Media planning

Sales analysis

  • Sales performance tracking
  • Booking pace/need periods
  • Sales funnel and lead volume
  • Event impact
  • Lead source analysis

Symphony: Data Intelligence Platform

Symphony is a comprehensive business analytics platform for the travel and tourism sector, integrating Tourism Economics’ extensive global databanks, your own data, and third-party data sources.

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“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

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