Understand global trade flows for over 1200 products across 183 economies.

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TradePrism is a new standalone global forecasting subscription service, offering detailed, product-level forecasts of trade between 46 major economies, and high-level indicators for an additional 137 economies.

Service benefits

Distinctive visualisation

Data will be presented geographically which makes it easy to identify key relationships and how these change over time.

Long forecast horizon

Plan ahead and understand global and bilateral trade flows by using our projections, which go out to 2050.

Flexible interface

Regular research briefings and Tableau reports enable you to customise the way the data is presented.

Comprehensive insights

Track and understand key trends evolving across bilateral trade flows.

More service features

Product coverage

TradePrism provides detailed bilateral trade projections between 46 economies for up to 1,200 products.

Country coverage

TradePrism covers bilateral trade flows by products for 46 major economies, such as:

  • Europe: France, Germ any, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden & United Kingdom
  • Middle East & Africa: Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates & South Africa
  • Asia: Australia, Bangladesh, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore & Vietnam
  • Americas: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Mexico & United States

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1 out of 4

“Oxford Economics’ data and forecasts form the backbone of our demand models. The global consistency and granular detail available in their expansive dataset allows us to focus on the variables most relevant to our business.”

2 out of 4

Services provided are always delivered timely according to the agreed timetable. Output is solid and in discussions OE has shown to be very responsive and proactive. Turnaround time is quick.” 

Maarten Leen, Head of Global IFRS9 Macroeconomic Scenarios

3 out of 4

“We were drawn to working with Oxford Economics for its solid reputation and the strength of its research, and we’ve been particularly impressed with your ability to present this to governments and the media – it’s the reason we’d look for future opportunities to work together.”

4 out of 4

“To our knowledge the most robust, comprehensive, and timely world macroeconomic model is the Oxford Economics model. We tested multiple world models in 2011, Oxford towered above the competition. Bottom line, the Oxford Economics model is a mission-critical tool. Customer support and training is extensive, and the billing process is dramatically less painful compared to our other vendors.”

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