Deglobalisation or “slowbalisation”?

There is increasing concern that we are entering a period of deglobalisation. A heightened sense of geopolitical risk and stress within global supply chains following the Covid pandemic and the Russia Ukraine are contributing to fears of a retreat in global trade growth. A series of targeted interventionalist policies by the West towards countries reliant on importing advanced technology and rising US-China tensions are only adding fuel to this fire. In this webinar, we explore whether these fears are warranted in our view and what is visible in the trade data.

Sebastien Tillett


+44 748 026 7287

Sebastien Tillett


London, United Kingdom

Sebastien joined Oxford Economics in 2023 as a graduate working across freight and transport advisory consulting. His main area of experience is in providing data analysis on projects within the maritime/trade and transport industries.

Prior to working at Oxford Economics, Sebastien had technology roles at AMP and Macquarie Bank before completing a Master of Economics.

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