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Oxford Economics TradePrism is a new stand-alone global forecasting subscription service, offering detailed, product-level forecasts of trade between 46 major economies, and high-level indicators for an additional 137 economies. Subscription will provide users with access to our interactive dashboard platform. This portal allows users to navigate a very large data set with ease to home in on their region or product of interest, create visualisations and export data to their own software platforms. Forecasts will be accompanied by thematic research pieces periodically, many of which will demonstrate the scenario capabilities of the model.

Service features
  • Fully integrated global economic model. Individual country models are fully linked through global assumptions about trade volume and prices, competitiveness, capital flows, interest and exchange rates, and commodity prices.
  • Comprehensive country and product coverage. Detailed bilateral trade projections between 46 economies for up to 1,200 products and total bilateral trade flows for an additional 137 countries.
  • User-friendly software. Intuitive data visualizations that allow users to quickly search for trade by source and destination, or by product. Searches can be saved, and results downloaded from our platform.
  • Scenario capabilities. Work with our economists to build impactful scenarios for global trade. either from the top-down (i.e. changes to the global growth outlook) or from the bottom-up, such as changes in a specific bilateral trading relationship.
  • Volume of trade. Trade flows are measured in constant USD, tonnes, and by mode of transport. Data platform will also include price deflators (identify if changes in trade value comes from the change in price or quantity) and core macroeconomic information.

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