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September / October 2020

Recent data confirm that the initial post-lockdown phase of the recovery has been robust and points to a record-breaking rise in GDP in Q3. Nonetheless, there are already signs that some sectors are beginning to lose momentum.

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CORONAVIRUS - LATEST UPDATES AND ANALYSIS: Contrasting retail fortunes...

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NEW: Tourism - COVID-19 Scenario Dashboards

We have launched a new Coronavirus (COVID-19) scenario dashboard for the tourism industry, to help companies in the market plan and manage their response to the crisis.

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Introducing: Global Sustainability Model

A new way to measure your company’s environmental impact

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Africa Risk Reward Index 2020

NKC African Economics’ and Control Risks’ Africa experts are pleased to present the fifth edition of the Africa Risk-Reward Index. The index captures the evolution of the investment environment and risk landscape in major African markets.

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  • Sep 24 2020

    We have modeled the impact of two Biden fiscal scenarios - his full proposals, which would not pass the Senate, and a Biden-lite version that could. We estimate the compromise package would boost GDP growth by 2.1ppts in 2021. More here:

  • Sep 24 2020

    Editor - London, UK

  • Sep 24 2020

    Emerging markets were hit hard by lockdowns, but a rebound is under way. By some measures EMs have caught up with the recovery in the G7, although the rebound is very uneven with huge variations between economies. We look at the evidence here:

  • Sep 24 2020

    Should recent illiberal trends worsen in Poland and Hungary, our scenario analysis finds that the economic costs could be large. Loss of access to EU funds, worsening institutional quality and lower labour force participation would be the key drivers:

  • Sep 24 2020

    How is the global economy set to recover post-Covid-19? What are the economic variables & demographic drivers to watch? Those and other questions were answered by Richard Holt during his interview with #MIPIM Connect. Click here to view his interview:

  • Sep 23 2020

    WEBINAR What is the economic impact of climate change?

    Join our on-demand webinar to learn about our estimates of the economic impact of climate change.

    Click here to register: #climatechange #environment #climatechangeimpacts

  • Sep 23 2020

    We are pleased to announce that our Head of Global Cities Research, Richard Holt, presented his latest research insights at #MIPIM connect. Click here to access his research briefing and to view his interview: