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March 2018

  • Buoyant world GDP growth of 3.2% this year will be followed by 3% growth in 2018, the best two-year run since 2010/11.
  • The recent equity market upset has not triggered a full-blown correction; we see little impact on growth.
  • Increased protectionism raises concerns of a trade war which increases downside risks to our forecasts.
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Latest Analysis

  • United States: Mortgage applications lifted by purchase apps

    Mortgage applications increased 0.9% last week. The increase was due entirely to a 3.4% increase in purchase applications; refinancing applications declined.

  • Eurozone: A mid-winter chill for industrial production

    In contrast to the ebullient run of European data we saw through much of last year, today’s mid-winter numbers for IP and employment point to a distinct chill beginning to run through the hard-Europea...

  • Snowballing protectionism still a small risk for now

    We still see a gentle rise in protectionism as the most likely outcome this year, rather than a more malign escalation in trade frictions. Such a development would be unlikely to pose a major threat t...

  • Sweden: Riksbank inflation battle continues

    Consumer price inflation continued to underwhelm Riksbank expectations in February, with an annual growth rate of 1.7% (0.2ppt below their forecast). This marks the second consecutive month that infla...

  • China: A strong start to 2018

    ​After a strong performance in 2017, overall growth picked up markedly in the first two months of 2018 on stronger investment and exports. Consumption momentum also remained solid.In light of only a m...

  • Internet of Threats
    Mar 19 2018

    Internet of Threats

    The rapid rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) demands a new look at security. With network vulnerabilities and the potential for industrial process interruption, companies need to develop new strate... more

  • Gatwick Airport's Impact on the Visitor Economy
    Mar 12 2018

    Gatwick Airport's Impact on the Visitor Economy

    In 2017, an estimated 5.5 million international visitors arrived in the UK via Gatwick, spending £3.9 billion in the visitor economy on hotel stays, restaurant meals, retail purchases, and leisure and... more

  • The economic impact of UK rail 2018
    Feb 26 2018

    The economic impact of UK rail 2018

    This major Oxford Economics study for the Railway Industry Association investigates the support provided to UK GDP, jobs, and taxes by the country's rail-related industries. Activity across the UK's r... more

  • The AI Paradox: How robots are making work more human
    Feb 26 2018

    The AI Paradox: How robots are making work more human

    Over the next decade, a great wave of technological change will wash through the economy, transforming the nature of work and the shape of the labour market. We collaborated with Cisco to study the im... more

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  • Our 200 economists have updated our monthly forecasts. Our analysis suggests that the global economy remains set for its best 2-yr run of growth since 2010-11, despite the equity market upset and US protectionist moves. Download our free executive summary:

  • The rising power of #consumers in #China is set to reverberate through the domestic and world economies, and global #retailing. China's consumer market will be bigger than America's by 2034, we find. Find out more about the #megatrend in our latest blog:

  • Find out more about our Economic & Political Risk Evaluator in our Forward Thinking blog:

  • Looking at different economies’ exposure to fixed- and floating-rate private sector #debt reveals vulnerabilities to rising interest rates. #Hong Kong, #Sweden, #China and #Australia potentially most exposed via floating rates to rising debt service costs:

  • Our Sovereign Risk Indicator suggests that #Spain is due a credit rating upgrade. Will S&P oblige when it publishes its latest review on 23 March? We think it will raise it one notch to A-

  • We think the US budget deficit will rise to ~4.5% of GDP by end-2020, leading the US current account deficit to swell further, too. In the past, such twin deficits contributed to global financial instability. But we see little risk in the current context:

  • The #InternetofThings - #IoT - demands a new look at security. Firms need strategies to mitigate cyber-risks. OE worked with the IBM Institute for Business Value Benchmarking Program to look at the many issues and how they may be tackled: