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Red Sea attacks are not an inflation gamechanger

with Ben May and Kiki Sondh | Online | February 21, 2024

We see the disruption to shipping in the Red Sea as more likely than not to last at least six months, implying that the associated rise in shipping costs will linger and move up the supply chain. While we expect the impact on CPI inflation to be small, it will take time before this becomes unambiguously clear. This uncertainty could ultimately prompt central banks to delay rate cuts to give themselves more information on the inflationary impacts. However, the Red Sea attacks are only one of many factors that policymakers will factor into their considerations – we still think rate cuts will commence around mid-2024.

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Identifying attractive EM local bonds

with Lucila Bonilla and Tomas Dvorak | Online | November 14, 2023

Disinflation momentum, weakening economic activity, high real rates, and attractive term premia explain our positive view on EM local currency debt. Weak growth raises the risk of inflation undershoots and faster monetary policy normalisation in Central and Eastern Europe. Latin America’s disinflation progressed smoothly, but growth outperformed expectations this year, prompting shallower normalisation paths. Markets price in too few rate cuts in some of these economies. We continue to tilt our local currency debt portfolio into these regions and will lay the case for our preferred stories.

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Our most (and least) preferred macro stories in Latin America this year

with Gabriel Sterne and Marcos Casarin | Online | February 22, 2023

With 2023 set to be a good year for EM bondholders, we focus this webinar on the region where we think bond market can offer the best risk/reward in EM this year: Latin America. LatAm economies are ahead of the tightening curve and should debut the season of rate cuts in EM, but the region is not short of idiosyncratic risks, meaning investors will need to remain selective. Please join our Head of Global EM Gabriel Sterne and our Chief LatAm Economist Marcos Casarin as they go through the most (and least) promising macro stories in LatAm in 2023.

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