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US Economic Outlook: Pathway to a softish landing

with Kathy Bostjancic and Nancy Vanden Houten | Online | July 12, 2022

Recession headwinds have increased as the Fed is more aggressively front-loading rate hikes due to very sticky and elevated inflation. Despite the possibility of two consecutive quarters of negative growth, there still remains a pathway, albeit narrowing, toward a softish landing. The easing of labor and product supply constraints and a still sizeable pool of consumer savings should underpin the expansion.

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Eurozone outlook: Between recession risks and a booming summer

with Angel Talavera and Tomas Dvorak | Online | June 22, 2022

The list of risks facing the eurozone economy continues to grow. With inflation being stronger and more entrenched that previously expected, the ECB will be forced to implement a stronger monetary tightening. Meanwhile, the industrial sector continues to reel from persistent supply chain issues while consumers are suffering a massive hit to real incomes as a result of the inflation surge. Simultaneously, some sectors of the economy continue to outperform, with services, and in particular the outlook for the tourism sector looking bright ahead of the summer season.

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Middle East: Regional growth trends in an inflationary world

with Scott Livermore | Online | June 20, 2022

Inflation has not been a major concern for GCC commodity exporters, containing pressure on domestic demand, but like everywhere else, consumer prices are rising. In this webinar, we will place regional trends in the global context and discuss the challenges the current period of higher inflation may pose to the otherwise positive outlook.

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Food price inflation could hit Africa the hardest

with Jacques Nel and Petro van Eck | Online | April 26, 2022

Food accounts for a large share of the consumer price basket in a number of African countries. This means that the impact of surging global food prices will be marked. Higher food prices will filter through to consumers and undermine purchasing power. But the impact will extend far beyond headline CPI: calls for subsidies will either be heeded, putting pressure on the fiscus, or disregarded, resulting in social discontent. In this webinar we look at which African countries look set to be hit the hardest and what this means for the fiscus, monetary policy, and political stability.

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