US Economic Outlook: Pathway to a softish landing

Recession headwinds have increased as the Fed is more aggressively front-loading rate hikes due to very sticky and elevated inflation. Despite the possibility of two consecutive quarters of negative growth, there still remains a pathway, albeit narrowing, toward a softish landing. The easing of labor and product supply constraints and a still sizeable pool of consumer savings should underpin the expansion.

Nancy Vanden Houten

Lead Economist

+1 646 668 5799

Private: Nancy Vanden Houten

Lead Economist

New York, United States

Nancy is a Lead Economist for the US Macro Team at Oxford Economics. She focuses on the impact of US fiscal policy on the economy and treasury debt market. Nancy also covers the US housing and mortgage markets and tends in household wealth and income. Prior to joining Oxford Economics, Nancy worked at Stone and McCarthy research Associates and at Merrill Lynch.

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