News | 24 Apr 2024

Oxford Economics enhances its Commodity Price Forecasts coverage

Commodities trading

Oxford Economics is excited to announce significant enhancements to its Commodity Price Forecasts service, now including battery metals, agricultural commodities and plastics. This expansion underscores Oxford Economics’ commitment to delivering a deeper and more comprehensive analysis, helping clients effectively navigate the complex economic and business landscape.

“The global commodity markets are evolving more rapidly than ever, influenced by a range of factors such as geopolitical tensions, supply chain disruptions and changes in monetary policy. Our service expansion is a reflection of our proactive approach to these dynamic market conditions,” said Jeremy Leonard, Managing Director of Global Industry Services at Oxford Economics.

This first phase of enhancements enriches the Commodity Price Forecasts service with coverage of critical battery metals including lithium hydroxide, lithium carbonate, cobalt and natural graphite, as well as key agricultural commodities, such as wheat, maize and soybeans.

“Despite their key roles, the prices of battery metals have shown extreme volatility. Accurately understanding and anticipating these price movements is vital for businesses involved in the energy transition. Similarly, agricultural commodities are not only fundamental to global food systems but also serve as crucial indicators of food inflation,” Leonard explained. “Our strength in forecasting lies in holistic approach, which combines macroeconomic—everything from industrial outputs to investment trends—with market direction analysis that influences price movements in the short term. This comprehensive approach enables us to provide commodity insights that are deeply rooted in real-world contexts.”

For more information on our enhanced Commodity Price Forecasts service and how it can benefit your strategic planning, please visit our service page:

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