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European Travel Trends & Outlook ahead of peak summer season

with Dave Goodger and Jennifer Iduh | Online | June 22, 2023

Both domestic and international travel rebounded in 2022 and has started 2023 strongly to return to very close to pre-pandemic levels of activity, on average. In this webinar we will explore the trends emerging for the peak summer months to understand whether full recovery is likely and which destinations and source markets will be driving growth. This will include a focus on air passenger data and trends, with a contribution from IATA as well as from ETC and the Tourism Economics team.

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Why air travel is set to soar ahead again in 2023

with Dave Goodger | Online | June 20, 2023

Air passenger demand data for early-2023 indicates further significant improvements over 2022’s partial demand recovery. Despite a subdued economic backdrop, forward looking data across May to September show little sign of this recovery taking any reprieve and activity is set to surpass 2019 levels towards the end of the year. The re-opening of the Chinese international travel market is providing some additional reasons for optimism. Tourism Economics and IATA will share latest data, trends and the outlook in this webinar.

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European Travel Trends & Outlook – focus on the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war

with Dave Goodger, Jennifer Iduh and Chloe Parkins | Online | April 20, 2023

It has now been over a year since Russia invaded Ukraine and war continues with no clear or immediate end in sight - impacting on a wide range of economic activities and countries. In this session we will explore the impact of the ongoing conflict, and related policies on travel and especially for European destinations and implications for recovery. Other travel trends and performance will also be discussed.

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Key Themes for Cities in 2023: Asia Pacific, Europe, North America

with Aedan McCotter and Richard Holt | Online | January 12, 2023

As the world economy faces economic slowdown, with many advanced nations experiencing recession, one key theme for cities in 2023 is bound to be the existence of safe havens: cities whose growth will be less damaged than most, or which may prove to be more resilient than their national economies. Possible factors include their industrial structures, the resilience of their consumer sectors and of their housing markets, and likely trends in their visitor economies. In this webinar we will explore these issues, and identify from a city perspective what to look out for as 2023 unfolds.

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