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Global: Key themes 2024 – Few opportunities in a gloomy landscape

with Ben May and Kiki Sondh | Online | December 1, 2023

Global GDP growth and inflation will slow in 2024 and central banks will begin to pivot in H2 – at least that seems to be the broad agreement among markets, policymakers, and forecasters. For the most part, we concur and have identified three key themes that we think will be key to the precise path that economies and financial markets take next year: Risks to the consensus growth view are skewed to the downside. Inflation trends will diverge more. Despite the gloom, some bright spots will emerge In this webinar we explore these three key themes in more detail

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Global Construction Futures – global construction up US$4.2 trillion by 2037

with Graham Robinson, Jeremy Leonard, James (Aon), Tariq (Aon) and Bob (Aon) | Online | March 16, 2023

As China pivots from its Zero Covid policy and with growth in the US and most European markets expected to be negative or flatlining this year – what are the medium- and longer-term futures for the global construction industry? We expect growth engines to drive global construction up US$4.1 trillion by 2037. Global Construction Futures is the next in a series of global forecasts for construction to be published by Oxford Economics with the support of the global Construction and Infrastructure leadership team at Aon. Global Construction Futures will be launched on 16 March 2023 to a global construction industry audience. Oxford Economics will present the key highlights from the forecasts for construction and a panel of industry leaders will give their perspectives on the global construction market.

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European travel – the rising importance of long-haul travel – ETC Q4 trends and prospects

with Dave Goodger, Jennifer Iduh and Chloe Parkins | Online | January 25, 2023

The strong travel rebound in 2022 is expected to continue into 2023, albeit at a slower pace and with a shift in the importance of source markets. Advanced economy recession will dent recovery, but pent-up demand remains evident for major markets and there remains some continuing normalisation of travel patterns. Growth in transatlantic travel has been a recent area of success for European destinations, while we can now look forward to returning visitors from Asia Pacific with some more clarity.

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Strategy Themes and Trade Ideas for 2023

with Javier Corominas, Daniel Grosvenor and Regis Chatellier | Online | December 7, 2022

2022 has proved to be an eye-watering year, laden with geo-political tensions, a global equity bear market, the fastest pace of policy tightening for a generation and with question marks raised over traditional asset allocation approaches, especially 60/40. We expect 2023 to bring challenges and increased opportunities for investors as recession sets in and economic performance varies across markets, geographies and thus asset classes.

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The future of the valve and actuator market

with Alexandra Hermann and Jeremy Leonard | Online | December 2, 2022

With the world economy facing a potential recession, doubts are mounting over the outlook for the industrial sector. What does this backdrop mean for valve and actuator consumption, this year, next year, and over the medium term? Which markets have the largest growth potential? Our annual Global Valve and Actuator Market Outlook, produced in partnership with the British Valve and Actuator Association, answers these questions.

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