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Euro area outlook: shifting from energy risks to financial risks

with Angel Talavera and Tomas Dvorak | Online | May 10, 2023

The euro area defied expectations of a winter downturn, and economic activity has proven remarkably resilient. But the economic outlook is now facing increasing risks from the impact of the sharp tightening in credit conditions. We’ll explore the outlook for the eurozone and have an in-depth look at the ways in which higher interest rates will impact the European economy.

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Some banks and sovereigns are getting too close, elevating risks

with Gabriel Sterne and Evghenia Sleptsova | Online | July 6, 2022

Overall banking sector risks throughout the global economy have fallen back post-Covid. But sovereign risk has gone in the opposite direction and one of our greatest concerns is the prospect of distressed sovereigns dragging down their domestic banking systems. Our risk tools reveal that just a few advanced economies are affected; the greater concern is in EMs. We find several EM banking systems are already in a discomfort zone. We reveal where declines in the value of sovereign assets could erode and in some cases wipe out capital buffers.

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