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Ripe for a correction

with Daniel Grosvenor and Javier Corominas | Online | September 12, 2023

In our first webinar after the summer recess, our Director of Global Macro Strategy Javier Corominas and Director of Equity Strategy Daniel Grosvenor outline why they think the recent equity market correction will continue and why it is now time to add duration to portfolios. The latest update of our Cross Asset framework indicators supports defensive allocations. Investor sentiment has become overly optimistic and risk assets look vulnerable to tighter financial conditions and a deteriorating global credit impulse which we think will contribute to a sustained period of weak global economic growth. We think DM bonds are increasingly attractive in this environment following the recent rise in long-end yields.

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Unveiling our cross asset framework systematic signals strategy

with Javier Corominas and Daniel Von Ahlen | Online | February 17, 2023

In our first webinar of the year, our Head of Global Strategy Javier Corominas and strategist Daniel von Ahlen show case our new systematic signals for global asset allocation. Employing our Cross-Asset framework indicators, we present a rules-based approach to global asset allocation which outperforms commonly used benchmarks. Further, we show that the value of the signal is not confined to the fixed income/equities space but can also be used to inform multi-asset/factor strategies, adding to the robustness of the signal.

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Strategy Themes and Trade Ideas for 2023

with Javier Corominas, Daniel Grosvenor and Regis Chatellier | Online | December 7, 2022

2022 has proved to be an eye-watering year, laden with geo-political tensions, a global equity bear market, the fastest pace of policy tightening for a generation and with question marks raised over traditional asset allocation approaches, especially 60/40. We expect 2023 to bring challenges and increased opportunities for investors as recession sets in and economic performance varies across markets, geographies and thus asset classes.

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