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Consumer Outlook – Risks & Opportunities 2023/2024

with Florent Guillarme and Graeme Harrison | Online | June 27, 2023

In 2020, Covid triggered a shock to global consumer spending like we’ve only seen in war times. However, it also created conditions for a rebound through a saving cushion for households, even more for the wealthiest. So despite unprecedented inflation from 2022, particularly rising prices for non-discretionary items like energy and food, followed by unprecedented monetary tightening & raising rates, consumer spending in nominal terms (much less so in real or volume terms) has proved surprisingly resilient globally thanks to savings, strong GDP and nominal earnings, but also resilient stock markets, labour markets and wealth underpinned by the travel recovery too, but for how long and what are the Consumer turbulences to come ahead? The webinar will explore how Consumers will react from now, to the end of monetary tightening, with GDP and inflation weakening in Europe, the US and China and the with the effect of recent developments starting to bite more. It will cover the macro context (GDP, income, savings, earnings, inflation, labour market, interest rates and credit, confidence and government policy), including macro factors more relevant to the luxury sector (e.g. wealth and asset prices) and how different socio-economic groups are affected. It will also go into a deeper dive into the consumer sector (aggregate and a breakdown of consumer spend and retail sales in volume and value terms and into different goods and services products), trends in online vs in-store spending, the recovery in tourism spending and trends in income and price elasticity.

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Africa: Consumer spending in a new pricing landscape

with Jee-A van der Linde | Online | May 30, 2023

The cost-of-living crisis has not let up and consumers across the board have seen their spending power diminished, some more than others. African households are arguably the worst off due to relatively low discretionary spending levels. In this webinar, we explore how African economies are faring by looking at consumer spending patterns and how policymakers are navigating sticky price inflation.

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Tight supply supports energy, demand concerns weigh on metals

with Kiran Ahmed, Toby Whittington and Stephen Hare | Online | June 17, 2022

With the Russia-Ukraine conflict showing little sign of ending, concerns about supply continue to dominate energy markets – the EU is ratcheting up pressure on Russia, while Russia has in turn cut off gas supply to several countries. The focus in metals markets has shifted towards concerns about demand amid the slowdown in China. In this webinar we explore the impact of these developments on commodity prices and discuss key risks to our forecasts.

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Latin America’s winners and losers from the war in Ukraine

with Marcos Casarin and Felipe Camargo | Online | May 20, 2022

As a relevant commodity exporter, Latin America stands to benefit from the generalized increase in prices for raw materials. But the gains will not be uniform across all countries or across all sector of the economy, as the renewed rise in inflation will squeeze consumers' incomes and savings.

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CEE Key Themes 2022 – In for an eventful year

with Tomas Dvorak and Mateusz Urban | Online | February 2, 2022

After emerging as an outperformer in early 2021, the Central and Eastern European region is set to face an eventful year in 2022. This year should see brisk growth as the region’s economies recover from the pandemic. We expect consumer spending to boost growth in the later part of the year, while industry now appears to have turned the corner and is set for a strong 2022. But the recovery will be uneven, with a variety of downside risks threatening to make it bumpy. In the webinar, we will discuss our outlook for the CEE region, paying particularly close attention to the downside risks: persistently high inflation driven by structural factors, political uncertainty, input shortages and slower supply chain recovery. We will also cover the outlook for monetary and fiscal policies in the CEE, focusing on the hawkish turn of the region’s central banks and the disbursement of the NGEU funds.

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