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A health-check on China’s real estate and construction industries: Are we still on life support?

with Louise Loo, Nicholas Fearnley and April Skinner | Online | April 2, 2024

China’s property downturn continues to weigh on the outlook. Can we be hopeful that the economy will successfully decouple from its old property-led growth model? How much of an offset can state-led construction provide as authorities look to prop the economy up? Join us in a discussion between Louise Loo our China Macro-economist and April Skinner our China Construction economist, as we address some of the FAQs around China’s housing and construction sectors and take a pulse-check on property’s multi-year correction process. Key talking points: How far does China’s real estate downturn have to go? What are the longer term implications for building construction? How much can state-led infrastructure projects prop up the economy? Will the “New Three" Industries keep the economy afloat? Supply chain risks and what this means for costs and construction.

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Global Climate Service: An Equitable Path for Sustainable Development

with Beatrice Tanjangco and Manuela Kiehl | Online | January 19, 2024

Climate-related disasters continue to break records and disproportionately impact developing economies. At COP 28 in November, the issue of how we fund the climate transition was pushed to 2024. In light of this, Oxford Economics’ Global Climate Service updates its bespoke Sustainable Development scenario, in which advanced economies take a lead in climate mitigation and allow developing economies more time to wind down their emissions. They also provide cross-country funding transfers because developing economies don’t have the necessary spending power to invest in green infrastructure and technologies. This pathway provides developing economies with the leeway to pursue their climate agenda without compromising growth or the global transition. In this webinar, we will review what happened in COP28 and the economic implications of a Sustainable Development scenario relative to other climate pathways such as Net Zero.

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