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The outlook for cities as the world addresses climate change

with Anthony Light and Mark Britton | Online | April 26, 2023

The impact of policies to address climate change will have an uneven impact on local economies, due to their unique industrial composition and vulnerability to climate events. In this webinar, we will answer the following questions: how big an impact will policies to tackle climate affect economic growth in cities? Which cities will be most affected, and will there be winners as well as losers? What impact will climate transition policies have on subnational growth disparities?

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EMs’ year ahead – time to pick up a few gems as the steam roller passes by

with Gabriel Sterne and Lucila Bonilla | Online | December 8, 2022

In our annual outlook for global emerging markets, we will highlight those EMs most vulnerable to weak global demand and a strong dollar in 2023. Better news is that tail risks associated with very high import prices will fade; and we will show which economies and markets stand to benefit most from falling inflation, ahead-of-the-curve policies and any resumption in capital inflows. Finally, we will assess implications of global policy impotence to deal with this wave of sovereign distress.

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The threat to world growth from property markets

with Innes McFee and Adam Slater | Online | November 17, 2022

With world property markets starting to weaken, we examine how large a downturn is likely, what factors will be key to determining the extent of the downturn (over time and across economies), and what the impact of property market weakness could be on world GDP growth.

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Understanding climate change from a global to local perspective

with Alex Mackle, Barbara Byrne Denham and Ben Wright | Online | January 28, 2022

Join us as we bring together important perspectives and analysis on climate change for US policy-makers and business decision-makers. Lead Economist Alex Mackle will explain our recent research on modelling the economic impact of climate change, climate change scenarios, and our new Global Climate Service. Senior Economist Barbara Denham will discuss the potential impact on population growth and demographics for US states and metros. Ben Wright, Senior Research Manager for Thought Leadership, will share key findings and best practices from our most recent studies with SAP, the Consumer Technology Association, and EY on how companies should re-think their approach to climate change and make their operations more sustainable.

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