Ungated Post | 18 Feb 2020

The economic impact of Huawei in Romania

In this study commissioned by Huawei, we see how it contributes to the Romanian economy through its operations and international supply chains. We find that the company contributed €219 million to Romania’s GDP in 2018, sustained over 6,300 jobs and supported the generation of €83 million tax revenues.

This study seeks to quantify the company’s “total economic impact” throughout Romania, through both its operations and the “knock-on effects” of demand for European products in the supply chains of Huawei’s domestic and global operations.

By using our Global Impact Model to trace the company’s international supply chains, we find, that in 2018, Huawei made a €219 million contribution to Romania’s GDP, sustained over 6,300 jobs and supported the generation of €83 million in tax revenues.

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