Recent Release | 17 Oct 2023

State of Digital Customer Experience: How Generative AI and Personalization Are Transforming the Digital Customer Experience Landscape

Thought Leadership Team

Oxford Economics

Customers around the world are looking for speed, security, and personalization when interacting with brands, and executives across industries will need to adapt to these expectations quickly to stay ahead of their competition. Our 2023 State of Digital Customer Experience report, developed in collaboration with Adobe, examines how businesses can leverage technologies like generative AI to improve their customer experience strategies.

To better understand the current CX landscape, we surveyed 1,500 executives and 4,000 customers, including business buyers, from 13 countries. We also conducted several in-depth interviews with executives across industries to provide more context about how different companies approach the entire customer journey—including the advanced technologies they are deploying to support the customer experience. Our research shows that executives have big plans to continue expanding their CX tech stacks and business frameworks, but critical gaps in their strategies remain: they must do more to understand the preferences of their customers and provide the positive experiences that keep them loyal.

The experts behind the research

Our Thought Leadership team produces original, evidence-based research made accessible to decision-makers and opinion leaders. Principals for this project included:

Teri Robinson

Managing Editor, Thought Leadership

Sundus Alfi
Sundus Alfi

Senior Research Manager, Thought Leadership

Matthew Reynolds

Senior Research Manager, Thought Leadership

Aidan O’Farrell

Research Associate, Thought Leadership

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