Recent Release | 07 Jul 2023

Ready for take-off: Why niche markets are the next big thing

Thought Leadership and Economic Consulting Teams

Oxford Economics


Technological innovation is key to confronting the world’s most important and pressing societal issues, from clean transportation, to food security and quality healthcare. Many of the most disruptive solutions are first commercialised in emerging, niche markets, but often remain underdeveloped and subscale for too long, foregoing a huge amount of value.

In this study, Oxford Economics helped Accenture Research explore the potential value that could be unlocked for the economy and the wider society if big business could embrace innovations in what the study identifies as “tech propelled markets” – that is markets where tech-enabled innovations are created to address specific unmet needs (e.g. mobility solutions for the elderly, or e-commerce solutions for remote rural consumers). We used quantitative use-case analysis to frame and analyse the potential economic and societal pay-offs from a range of specific innovations in tech-propelled markets in Japan, the UAE, Singapore, Indonesia, Brazil, and India.

The experts behind the research

Our Economic Consulting and Thought Leadership teams are world leaders in quantitative economic analysis and original, evidence-based research, working with clients around the globe and across sectors to build models, forecast markets, run extensive surveys, and evaluate interventions using state-of-the art techniques. Lead consultants on this project were:

James Lambert
James Lambert

Director Economic Consulting, Asia

Kankon Sen
Kankon Sen

Economist, Economic Impact

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