News | 03 Mar 2022

New My Oxford Launch Announcement

Adrian Cooper

Chief Executive Officer

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new My Oxford research portal. This will represent a major improvement to the way that clients access and interact with our research.

We are committed to continuously improving the way we deliver our research, services, and software. Our new My Oxford portal not only has an enhanced design and structure, but also adds new and important features which will provide a better user experience and deepen the ways in which clients can interact with our research and data.

To support our international client base, we have integrated a translation function which allow the reader to directly translate reports into Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Russian, German, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. We believe that this new feature is crucial to make the interpretation and usage of our research and data more accessible. In addition, we have now combined the ability to directly view, access and download the data behind the charts in our research reports with just one click.

Another new feature to support our clients is the new state-of-the-art search function which allows user to search for relevant keywords and key themes across all subscribed services. The new advanced search function searches not only for the entered keyword but also for popular synonyms, scanning our research briefings and the interactive charts and tables. Clients can also enable email alerts for their searches so that they are notified when publications most relevant to them are published.

In an increasingly dynamic world, collaboration within and across teams is all-important. Problem-solving, efficient remote work and a steady increase in productivity can only be supported if the software is able to foster effective collaboration. Our new My Oxford research portal fosters such collaboration by giving users the ability to add notes directly into the reports and share those notes and other components such as searches, charts and figures directly with other members of their organisation.

Another new feature is our clippings function, which offers users the ability to create customised reports or presentations by combining charts, tables, and text from our research. All custom reports can also be shared with colleagues.

We hope that our new platform will provide added value to our customers and the way they access and interact with our data and research. To learn more and get a sneak preview of My Oxford 2.0 click here.


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