Recent Release | 08 Nov 2023

How to measure the impact of overseas M&A on the UK video games industry

Economic Consulting Team

Oxford Economics


A feasibility study for the BFI and Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre.

Oxford Economics worked with Games Investor Consulting to undertake a feasibility study on measuring the impact of overseas M&A in the UK video games industry.

The study found that both the volume and value of M&A deals involving overseas buyers had increased in recent years, with 2020 and 2021 being record years in value terms.

We looked at what the potential impacts of overseas M&A on the UK economy may be, both for the video games industry and wider society, as well as whether any of these impacts could imply the existence of market failures. We reviewed data sources and methodologies which could be used to measure the potential impacts and market failures identified. From this, we provided an assessment of which impacts and market failures it would be feasible to undertake a quantitative evaluation on.

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The experts behind the research

Anubhav and Matt, members of the economic consulting and thought leadership teams, bring years of experience in quantitative economic analysis and original, evidence-based research, working with clients around the globe and across sectors.

Chris Warner

Lead Economist

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