Recent Release | 29 Jun 2023

Global Sustainability Transformation Survey Report 2023: Four keys to successful sustainability transformation

Thought Leadership Team

Oxford Economics

In challenging times, are businesses continuing their sustainability transformation journey or are they falling back on legacy practices? To find out, Oxford Economics and Fujitsu surveyed 1,800 C-suite and senior executives and conducted 22 in-depth interviews, uncovering perspectives from industries and countries around the world on the challenges, triumphs, and realities of transforming to a more sustainable business.

The research and analysis identifies four essential success factors followed by a small minority of organizations who lead this sustainability transformation. This elite cohort see sustainability transformation as a business opportunity, establish a purpose around sustainability initiatives driving empathy with customers and employees, integrate sustainability into the very core of what they do, and finally, incorporate digital technology at the centre of their transformation strategy. As a result, they are further ahead in implementing an integrated sustainability strategy across their business and are seeing tangible results. The report, published by Fujitsu in June 2023, reveals the progress companies are making as they move from target setting to the far more difficult stage of implementing programmes and achieving positive results.

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The experts behind the research

Our Thought Leadership team produces original, evidence-based research made accessible to decision-makers and opinion leaders. Drawing on detailed quantitative and qualitative data, we work with clients globally across sectors to produce tailored research programs that inform their decision making. Principals for this project included:

John Reiners

Managing Editor, UK & EMEA, Thought Leadership

Jamie Snowdon

Senior Research Analyst, Thought Leadership

Bethan Jewsbury

Senior Research Manager, Thought Leadership

Maximilian Vickers

Research Associate, Thought Leadership

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