In the media | 16 Apr 2024

Global Economy: Scott Livermore on oil output strategy, economic diversification importance for GCC growth plans

Scott Livermore, Managing Director at Oxford Economics Middle East, examines the intricate dynamics of the GCC economies. Focusing on the impact of oil output cuts, the pivotal sectors fuelling non-oil growth and the influx of foreign investments into regional markets. Scott Livermore also sheds light on the region’s ambitious green energy initiatives and the strategic role sovereign bonds will play in accelerating the diversification agenda.

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Arabian Gulf Business Insight: Middle East escalation would have severe market implications

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GCC: Key themes shaping city economies in the near term

For Gulf cities, the near-term outlook will be tied not only to the global macroeconomic backdrop, but also the progress of the diverse visions and strategies in the region. With the aim to diversify their economies and reduce the dependence on oil, Gulf states continue to invest in the non-oil economy and implement various reforms. That said, oil revenues remain key to funding diversification efforts.

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Iran-Israel tensions should dissipate after latest flare up

The military escalation between Iran and Israel has ratcheted up fears of an expanded Middle East conflict. The threat of counter strikes by Israel is clearly heightened, but we think both sides will ultimately seek to avoid a costly all-out war.

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