Recent Release | 20 Jul 2023

Five ways to make the supply chain resilient: Thriving through disruption

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Oxford Economics

Predicting future disruptions that might affect the supply chain is nearly impossible. But they can position put their businesses in a more favorable position to weather and even thrive during those disruptions by developing strategies that place supply chain needs front and center. A sizable number of executives have already established multi-year strategies that prioritize value chain investments in an effort to improve their future state, indicating that maintaining efficient, productive, and innovative supply chains innovation is a key to resiliency.

Think Pieces

Building visibility: How the supply chain planning function approaches resiliency to avoid risk

To create a more robust supply chain network, supply chain planning executives are searching for ways to make their function more efficient and resilient. Reaching those goals means they must gain an accurate view of demand, define alternate sourcing strategies, and build inventory optimization strategies in collaboration with their supply network.

Building the next-generation supply chain: How the manufacturing function approaches resiliency to avoid risk

The success of the next-generation supply chain depends on the free flow of high-quality data and collaboration between partners for maximum efficiency. That is top-of-mind for those in the manufacturing function who are seeking to instill resilience in an uncertain world.

Building speed and sustainability into supply chain logistics

After three years of unprecedented disruption and pressure on the way goods are sourced, made, transported, and delivered, logistics executives are looking to transform and fortify next-generation global supply chains to be more reliable and sustainable. This transformation is driven not only by lessons learned in the years of “permacrisis” but is also underpinned by customer demands for speed, personalization, and sustainability.

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