In collaboration with Disney | 14 Nov 2023

Disney’s Effect on Fueling Florida Economy, Jobs and Tourism

Tourism Consulting Team

Tourism Economics

Walt Disney World Resort is among the largest employers in Florida and an economic catalyst across the state. Its economic impact is massive as an international destination, driving benefits across the state economy through direct operations, supply chains, tax payments, and the spending of visitors across the hospitality, transportation, and retail sectors.

This comprehensive economic analysis quantifies the significant contribution of Disney’s operations in Florida during FY22. Oxford Economics’ findings support Disney’s role as an economic engine in the state of Florida, and the report’s key findings revealed that:

In addition to Walt Disney World Resort, this study also reflects the economic impact of Disney Signature Experiences in Florida, including Disney Vacation Club and Disney Cruise Line.

Notably, the company also contracted approximately 2,500 Florida-based small businesses to supply products and services to Disney World in FY22.

The experts behind the research

Our consulting team at Tourism Economics are the world’s leading analysts of the global tourism and travel sector. They combine their expert insight with our state-of-the-art economic models and tools to answer the crucial questions facing our clients. Lead consultants on the project were:

Adam Sacks

President of Tourism Economics

Michael Mariano

Director of Economic Development, Tourism Economics

Greg Pepitone

Associate Director, Tourism Economics

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